The Love Thing

when sun will lose it’s light
and watch will run out of time
i will be waiting for you
at the gate which separates heaven and hell

you will be old and wrinkled
but still beautiful for me
because i understand your soul in way
in a way no one else does

I know it is hard for you to believe
right now, but once the beauty is gone,
money becomes penniless and power becomes impotent
then you will see the divinity of my truth
and will understand the meaning of these words

i don’t expect love in return from you
i don’t hope that i have a meaning in your world
but there is no reason to loathe me
though i can’t ask you to stop

but when all is gone
and no one will be around us
no people, no blood, no god, no religion,
no sect, no ideosyncracies
you will understand what love is
you will know what i feel


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