The ugly realization

A strange thing happened today. I have this weird habit of starting one thing and then forgetting why i started doing it in the first place. I think I had to call someone but when I started looking in my phone book (which is in my phone of course) I forgot who I was looking for. Instead of putting the phone down I thought I will look at all the numbers I have, maybe I will remember the name I had to call.

So here I start looking and to my amazement I realize that after looking at each and every number I had, which was quite a long list I must admit, I had no one to call not even a single person. Irrespective of how many people you know or how many people are around you, you would always want to talk to only a few persons. But sad part here was I officially had none.

Well I could not remember for sure which person I really had to call but it gave me a realization that how quickly things change around you. It has not been years even when I could have called figuratively anyone to talk about was and when, but I had no one to talk to today. What a weird world we live in right?


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