Sharpen your Axe

I read this story somewhere on internet today. It says,


Once there was a guy, he wanted to work as a woodcutter. He went up to the owner and asked for the job. He got the job, the money was good and he liked the job, so he accepted the offer. He was very excited about it on the first day so he cut down 20 trees in a day. It gave him quite a lot of motivation, so next day he was determined to do even better. But even after his hard work he could manage only 15. So next day he tried even harder but next day was even worse, 12.  And the numbers fell each day for next 3 days.

So frustrated and sad both our guy went to his boss and told that he tries harder every day but the number of trees cut keep falling. What could be possibly wrong? The Boss asked “when was the last time you sharpened your axe?”

“Sharpen? I had no time to sharpen my axe. I have been very busy trying to cut trees…”

So what do we learn from it? Well in our lives too we are very busy racing for numbers, be it better money or better job, how much can we achieve where can we reach in next 5 years. But in all this we forget what’s even more important “To Learn”. When was the last time you really “sharpened your Axe”. You tried to add a new skill learn a new thing or traveled to a new place or appreciated the art/beauty around. Can’t remember, right?

Well that is how we are. We keep on focusing on things which are meant to be part of life and forget the life itself. We are too busy losing time. Never forget that you are more important than your job. Don’t lose the important things for some numbers be it a high salary raise or a soul sucking high paying job. Focus on key things learn, live and love. Life will again become beautiful.


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