Facebook Ads seems to be of no use

Facebook has grown as the biggest thing of last decade and it has a billion users which makes it very likable for marketing of products or services or anything. And it won’t be wrong to say that it is famous among people and businesses. People make fb page for their business then invite people to like it and their ideas start to reach to a greater audience.

Happy story, right? Not so much. Bad things start happening when one starts promoting their business with Promote page options, something like this:

Now you start getting likes like crazies and you get them from places and age group in which you promoted it. It is all good except that this leads to a problem that these likes do not seem genuine. Pages even though they are promoted receive same amount of traffic and popularity as they had earlier although their page has 10K likes. Doesn’t sound alright? But it is the truth, that most of these likes are not genuine. They can lead you no where.

For basics click on the profiles you will see their personal information is fishy and not so trustworthy. They like too many pages, even their friends are weird and no matter how deep you dig you can’t find anything about these guys to feel good. Even though you report the guys and their profiles are deleted the number of likes remain the same on your page.

This guy, Veritasium’s creator, Derek Muller, explains in video below what his story:

So are these bots? Well maybe. But if answer is yes then why pay facebook so much to get likes? Do people using such tools not know about it?  The answer is going to sound really stupid but YES People know that the traffic remains almost same, at least one who understand fb do.So why do this? Well it sounds and looks great if you have huge number of likes on your page. This increases your likability among new users who see your page.

Whatever your reasons maybe, think enough and ensure you are making right choice. Marketing of your product is necessary but you got to understand if the people who you will be targeting through this media will be real people or the bots.

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