Living up to potential by being weird

Why are you in fear? What exactly is it that you fear?

In a world where you have limited time you are already naked and you do not have anything to be ashamed of. The problem is if you are being yourself people will perceive that you are weird. If you are easy going, you will be taken for granted. And the list never ends. But wait and ask yourself that does what other think of you mattes at all?

What you think of yourself matters; Worst part to note is you keep forgetting it. Your dreams are bartered in return of fulfilling needs. Living life up to people’s expectations, maintaining social status becomes sole purpose of existence. And no matter how many times you think of moving forward to your goal, some asshole will always make you step back by telling you REPERCUSSIONS of your actions. You trade in your reality for a role.

Do you realize that people love you for what you have achieved and not for who you truly are, so you do not have to worry about what they think. If I quote Jim – “Where is your will to be weird?”

You believe in change, you want a revolution, guess what it’s not going to happen and the reason is there within you. Everyone talks about it nobody likes it, we are afraid of losing what we have if things change. So what if it is inevitable, we still do not like it.

These fears they will keep you down and will make sure that you stay there forever, except if you choose to accept it, Face it, fight it. I am not willing to give up what I am for what you can turn me into. Do I sound like a jerk? Then finally I am living up to my potential.


7 thoughts on “Living up to potential by being weird”

  1. I believe that being percieved as weird doesn’t always guarantee that one is living upto his/her potential. Rather living upto potential for me means to live care free, fear free, unfazed by failures and untouched by success stories… being true to yourself and to others… just the extension of what you have written here… 🙂


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