Old video featuring Kalki and juhi pandey: Rape? It’s your fault

Rape is a heinous crime and in most of the reported cases it happens on women. So what does it tells us, that women are victim in these condition and yet they are blamed for the crime that happened on them.

Narrow minded, unbelievably orthodox yet say that it is woman’s fault that she got raped. Why? Because she was dressed inappropriately and by inappropriately they mean in skirt or a one piece dress or short dresses. It is disgusting to see that people yet think that it provokes rape and not the sickness that is there in the head of person enacting the crime.

It is disheartening to see such discrimination, but wait women who get raped are sometimes dressed in traditional attires covered from head to toe, sometimes they are wearing Burkhas even and several times women raped were in 40’s or 50’s, and yet it is woman’s fault.

This old video by Kalki Koechlin sarcastically tells how rapes are seen in our society.


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