Say goodbye to lengthy blood work, Ms. Holmes is going to make lab work a cake walk

How about if I tell you a drop of blood will be enough to run over 20 lab tests ranging from STDs to certain cancers?

You won’t believe me, but Elizabeth Holmes has made it possible with the arrival of Theranos, a blood test Holmes began developing a decade ago.

To Elizabeth an entrepreneur with a background in chemical and electrical engineering, waiting a week for such a crucial diagnostic procedure seems unacceptable. It leads to a lot of anxiety and the patient at times faces serious risks if he/she does not get immediate attention. But that was the process as blood samples undergo a somewhat complicated journey that involves first transporting them to a facility, where they are either mixed with chemicals or put through various pieces of equipment to be examined.

So this lady developed a way which makes the vial of blood she is holding(volume same as of a raindrop) capable of getting results for over 20 lab tests within 24 hours. How awesome is that? But it is going to cost insane, the reply will be NO. It can reduce the costs of running tests by a tenth of current cost. And if Doctor suggests that any further tests need to be done they can be performed on same sample.

She dropped out of college at the age of 19 and has spent the last decade developing Theranos, which has the potential to revolutionize how patients get lab work done. Holmes is currently working on getting Theranos integrated into Walgreens Wellness Centers, making it more convenient and affordable for people to get potentially lifesaving blood work completed.


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