Where Great Ideas come from

I am pretty sure that greatest of the ideas do not come to you in a flash rather they take years and some time decades to become great. Tim Berners Lee took 10 years to come up with full picture of World Wide Web. Well thank god he came up with it!!

The questions that fascinate me are, What sparks the flash of brilliance? How does groundbreaking innovation happen?  But a more basic question is “What kind of environment fosters the development of good ideas?” This might help people understand why one organization is more innovative than others.

Some people might say, Every problem is an opportunity. Some argue that we need to connect small and impact full ideas and form a revolutionary one.  Some say it’s necessity or demand that lead to creation of something new. I say they are all different premises and they all have worked in different situations.

So find the one that works for you, that gives you a kick and create wonders.  Here is  Steven Johnson’s Video to help you understand the concept further:


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