Some thoughts worth sharing but were never taught

1) Things are just Things, don’t get too attached to them

2) Being successful means different to each person … I know it is tough but respect that.

3) Don’t spread your anger everywhere on internet nobody really cares for it.

4) I know it is great to have ambitions and goals, but some of the coolest people I know have no idea what to do in life.

5) Trust your instincts, you can’t know everything.

6) Fashion and trends are some really hopeless people’s created bullshit, don’t just follow it like a fool.

7) Try to make a little sense next time, talking smart all the time makes you look fool to others.

8) Work will never end but life will, so spend your time on other important things as well.

9) Salary is no way to measure how good a person is, you will listen that crap from people drawing less salary but it is truth nonetheless.

10) Life isn’t really a riddle so please do not try to get the next clue from everything life throws on you.

And Lastly, Life is greater that anything that is part of it.


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