“DEKH LE” An eye opener which will put men to shame

Everyone talks about Women Empowerment and how necessary it is to respect women. But do we really care or are they good “Filmy” stuff which people use to look aware among others. I want to believe it is former but sadly it is latter.

The greatest leaders of this country(India) blame victims for heinous crime like Rape. She was asking for it by dressing like that or being out at such and such late hours or she was surrounded with too many boys what did she want or she was flirting so casually. Come on you so called educated morons, You and your rotten mentality.

Whistling Woods International issued this video to educate people of such atrocities & gender inequality. It teaches why it is not necessary to stare every women like they are a sex object and more importantly it shows how you look when you do that.


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