140 Characters are not enough to describe oneself

Lately I have been thinking why is it that I have to be an expert in one thing? Why there should be one thing that describes me? And why I need to find a line to define myself? Well there is a terms for that Self-Branding. I personally believe that I can’t describe myself in one line or 140 characters or a page, it will take way more than that.


In the simplest term what system of organizations be it IT or law asks you to have is a specific set of skills sometime niche, so that they can fit you in a very specific place in their big machine. And we do that to get better job, better salary and great promotions. Let me twll you something they did not tell you in schools branding is about narrowing your focus so that you become the shiniest cog possible, ready to improve whichever machine you become a part of.

Now why is it that I have to be a cog and not the machine itself? If one wants to get good job one must have the required skill and should be really good at that. People who are good at several things and not “really” good at one thing generally do not achieve the big. I can’t ask you to stop and to be honest the damage is already done.

These days it is really hard to find “A Renaissance man”.  A man like Leonardo da Vinci, who worked variously as a painter, a sculptor, an architect, a musician, a mathematician, an engineer, an inventor, an anatomist, a geologist, a cartographer, a botanist, and a writer, conceptualizing flying machines, studying hydrodynamics and civil engineering, and painting the ever-wry Mona Lisa. 

But guess what in order to fit in a good job you got to pick one. One should get freedom to work on what interests one and not what will get him a better salary or the next promotion. However your desire to live free of labels, free of “specific expertise,” free of being niched or pigeonholed is entirely antithetical to self-branding. You want to stay unique “stay away from self-branding” is the key.


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