Bill Gates: My favorite Superhero


Bill Gates is just Mask and Gape away from being a Superhero. Alright he might not be able to fight with 20 people at once but so what? He is dealing with worlds biggest problems.

Wait, How can Gates be a Superhero?  He is what 60 and old and a geek(I think Geek is the new Sexy). He looks like this

Well he invented a Programming Language(that counts for me) Altair BASIC. Then he went on to create Microsoft which is responsible for revolutionizing the personal computing forever. So if you can are using your computer to make your life easy there is a significant contribution of Gates to it.

Microsoft in coming years came out with Windows, Hotmail, Bing(well not their best but yet used search engine). With all this they gave Internet Explorer which taught most of us “How to use/access Internet” primarily for pleasure[if you know what I mean].

He went on to become world’s richest man and his brand Microsoft was once at its peak valued more than $500 billion. Then he truly realized the meaning of “With Great Powers, Comes greater responsibilities”.  He thought it was his time to move on and he did he went on to – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation(

He is helping poor countries in fighting poverty, healthcare issue, disease like AIDS, sanitation issues, food and hunger issues and many more. He also received criticism from several news and media houses but nothing stopped him.

His organization also helps Entrepreneurs and new ideas which can change the world.  So it will not be wrong to say Bill Gates is just gape and mask away from Being a Superhero. After all he is a genius billionaire philanthropist, I can’t say much about Playboy.


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