Something is wrong with the way kids are taught the reality of life

The time we live in is very dynamic and it is changing at a speed which is really tough to cope up with. Every one has been telling me this since a long time. And since I knew this for quite a long time it has occurred to me that there is something wrong with they way kids are taught the reality of life.

In the name of “good manners” we teach them to accept authority. I mean they are taught to respect elders,while RESPECT SHOULD BE EARNED and should not be given for free, never doubt the bible/gita/quran and the most annoying one “Never answer back to the elders. The kid becomes a total submissive by by the time he reaches college and then the suffering begins.

In another part of society which is a li’l liberal, they tend to care so much for their kids that they pamper them so much that the kid remains the kid even when he is 28. See being kiddish is deifferent and behaving like a kid is another thing and very annoying. It is not your mama’s house that your tantrums will be tolerated SOB. I do not understand why they can’t hit their kids and make them somewhat more manly.

It is not only parents who are responsible for an altogether stupid generation, Schools are equally responsible. In order to keep every kid’s morale so high they have started saying “Every Kid is a Winner”. Can’t you see the problem here. The kid won’t learn the harsh reality of life till he reaches in an office and one day his boss tells him that he is a LOSER. you have to prepare kids to take that remark and keep moving forward. They do not lose until they are in a sports team but then also in the inhouse games everyone again is winner.  This is the stupidest act done with the kids.

And this all is giving birth to a ruthlessly stupid generation, dumb and unappealing.


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