Someone teach not-so-mister Azam Khan – Martyrdom is beyond religion

Nobody can or should involve Army with Politics. People who died in Kargil War were not Hindu or Muslims they were Indian Army men.  #ArmyAbovePolitics 527 Indians Army-men lost their lives in  Kargil war and a dickhead Azam Khan wants to polarize votes by saying communal things.

The shameful thing is that the fucker don’t even want to apologize with it, Indian National Congress is not even asking Samajwadi Party to cancel Azam’s candidature because they will lose an ally. Samajwadis are defending him.

This shit is beyond toleration, this man is not even an Indian he is bloody terrorist. He is responsible for Muzaffarnagar riots and now look at his audacity that he goes on to say as rubbish as his communal comment on Army.

These stupid, little brained politicians have no respect for Martyrdom, for Army and most importantly for the country, They need to be taught a very basic lesson: “Martyrdom has no religious background”.


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