Supreme Court of India introduces The Third Gender

Supreme Court of India in its landmark judgement created Third Gender for transgenders in India. It is a great decision as it gives the social status they deserve. Till date they had to select either male or female in any government associated form but now they can choose the newly introduced gender.

It is first of it’s kind decision where transgenders are given a formal recognition. The petitioner Laxmi Tripathi says “I am very happy, today we(Transgenders) have been given same rights as men and women”. Apex court has asked to give them same educational and employment reservation as OBCs.  SC asked states to provide them with 

It said that section 377 of IPC is being misused by police and other authorities against them and their social and economic condition is far from satisfactory. 

The intentions and idea behind this decision is to bring transgenders to equality and remove the social stigma. Transgender is no longer a medical condition or social stigma. But the question is how successful will this decision be to bring equality? Nonetheless it remains a landmark decision.

Congratulations to the petitioner, beneficiaries of the decision and to the Apex court for a good decision!!


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