Child Labor: No one cares about future when survival is at stake

Every now and then I see people complaining about things going wrong around them. One of these thing is Child Labor. People are so against it because of various reasons. They say it should not happen. My question if the child does not work then who is going to feed him.

I recently got into a conversation with someone about Child Labor. The guy had a point that Child Labor is wrong it abuses the kid and waste his future forever. The kid is spoiled and sometimes give in to drugs. When kids are future of the nation then they should be provided education and other amenities and should not be asked to work at such a small age.

Now I did not disagree to any of the things. But the world we live in is not ideal and no matter how much we want it we do not do any of it. We do not want child labor but we are not ready to support a kid to get him out of the shit he is in. I am sad to say this but it is the truth.

India has way too many kids working in dhabas, on streets and even in small industries. There are NGOs which have taken initiatives to take care of many kids but their number is not sufficient. I mean there are still way too many kids on street. Now if they do not work they won’t even get a meal a day.  They work and they support themselves. I agree their childhood is wasted there but no one cares about future when survival is at stake. 

When you sit in an AC room and read newspaper on an expensive tablet you get to talk about getting rid of it but when you are out there in nights and see so many kids sleeping under the overbridge or on the footpath you just know they won’t survive a week had these Children not get some work. Because spending 500 on an overpriced pizza is fine by us but it is important to negotiate with kid for sparing 50 bucks while buying a pirated novel for Rs. 110 . — Those who are really trying help them atleast.


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