MyGov is the platform you were asking to help India grow, now Join it

Crowdsourcing ideas that would improve governance is a great idea, ain’t it? So in a country where everyone wants to participate in discussions on governance and everyone has an idea to improve social, political and economical growth of the country, a platform to facilitate that will be something people will love more than anything. And guess what Indian Government has launched something on the very similar lines. PM Narendra Modi on Saturday launched Mygov, an interactive website that seeks to foster participatory governance.

It is a great initiative. Of course it would have been better to have something a lot earlier but it is better late than never. There are so many people who want to contribute towards nation-building, and devote their time and energy. The only thing they required was an opportunity to shine and showcase their contribution. Now outlook of this website is good and it has two threads Discuss and Do. 



Now you can chip in your ideas for a better nation, on how things can be improved, how problems faced by nation can be resolved. The ideas presented will be taken further by discussion forums and worked upon based on their feasibility. You can participate in the work to be done or being done. Citizens can volunteer for various tasks and submit their entries. These tasks would then be reviewed by other members and experts. Approved task would earn credit points for completing the task. 

So all the folks who have been saying all they need is an opportunity, here is the platform. Now it is up to people to make this project a success or failure, I would want to see this as a success from Government of India to introduce more transparency. I expect people to differ from my views though I would request everyone to signup, it doesn’t take more than a minute and do whatever you can, discuss, raise concerns, chip in your ideas or help other ideas flourish. 

Do all you can because this time it is one platform you have been asking and now you have got. No further excuses please. Try to make it a success before condemning and start complaining about it. 



4 thoughts on “MyGov is the platform you were asking to help India grow, now Join it”

  1. My respect ed shri modi ji .please jis tarah china Arunanchal Border tak Road Real line bana raha hame bhi Border ke sare Roads ko sahi karna or new Roads banane chahiy mai news me hi dekha Aaj bhi vanha ko rod ki halat kharab ha Road aor vikas na hone se vanha k log Sochte h ham india k nahi hai /// 2. Desh me Jabtak power full kaanoo nahi hoga tab tak Vikas or Viksit rastr nahi ban sakta logo me kanoon ka Dar hona chahiye. ….mai Qatar petroleum me hoo


  2. I want our education field must be based on rules there are no rules in mp govt provides book to school children but in school teachers do not teach from that books and in board examination questions are not from that book
    Than why govt west time ,money and pages. It must be stop..


  3. sir, i want to need my name in voter id card. jaise apne jan dhan launch kiya wosi prakar. ek din voter list me apna naam dalne ke liye time nikale. voter me naam likwane ke liya jane se paisa mankta hai. please help me sir.
    from : guwahati (assam)


  4. sir, i want to I A S and IPS coaching center in guwahati ASSAM, .kyuki mujhe ias ka exam dena hai. aur sir coaching fees etnahi hona chaiya ke middle class ka people da sake. thanku sir


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