A governor sacked in India and believe me that is a big news

It indeed is a big news because how often do you see governors being sacked because they had corruption allegations against them or how many times you see govt taking action on that front. But this time amazingly it did and I kinda like it!!

See I do not hate politicians or bureaucrats or administrators or anyone, but for some good reasons I am loving the fact that Ms. Kamala Beniwal has been sacked (from post of Mizoram Governor) for gross misuse of Gujarat Governor’s office during her tenure from 2009 to 2014.

Why is that so? For various reasons but primarily, she is sacked for all the good reasons. Police found her involvement in various cases ranging from corruption to misuse of power. And these corruption charges are not minor ones they involve, for example, she made some shocking exaggerations to claim prime agricultural land. Well you can all it use of power more than misuse but sadly it is crime against law. Well we all have to agree laws and lawmakers are kinda assholes.

Moving on, major charges against Ms. Kamala Beniwal are:

The main charge against Ms Beniwal involves a land scam in Rajasthan, sources say. She is accused of claiming cheap land after falsely stating in an affidavit in 2012 that she had tilled the land for 14 to 16 hours a day for 50 years, though in that time she had been Rajasthan minister and governor.

The other allegation is that the 87-year-old spent just one day in Mizoram, where she was posted a month ago, and mostly stayed in Rajasthan, her home state.

The third charge is that Ms Beniwal frequently used the state aircraft in Gujarat, where she was governor till July. She reportedly took the nine-seat Beechcraft 53 times to fly to Jaipur.

Again they do sound like good use of power vested in you but are actually offence against law. Probably finally some steps are being taken to restore faith of people in institution of government and judicial system and majorly LAW but the road is still rocky and not easy and most importantly very long. Lets see how far they reach!!

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