Leave Shweta Basu Prasad alone or get the bastard who was also involved

This is a little delayed now, I was thinking of writing it since the time I heard of the news about Shweta Basu Prasad being involved in prostitution. I read about it and my first reaction was “What the fuck is this” some actress turned prostitute? Then I searched some more to find that she worked in some serials when she was a kid and every article said that she was very talented, she must have been that all the media is calling her talented.

As far as my reaction is concerned, it was because of the judgmental nature of the society we live in. For the first she is just not another child actor, she was a national award winner, do you know what does a national award means? She won it for a film called Makdee(of which you might not have heard) and when I found that she was Chunni of Makdee I knew who she was and how talented she is as I have watched that movie. Don’t remember yet Iqbal’s sister in movie Iqbal. Remember now?

Well indeed she turned to prostitution and she accepted it, but what is being neglected is that she was not alone in the act THERE WAS SOMEONE ELSE TOO because it is prostitution if someone pays you for sexual favors.

Secondly, it is important to understand why a National Award winner turned to prostitution, isn’t it? She admitted that she is involved well atleast the reports say so. But why not bring the others who were involved too? And why everyone is so focused in saying that she did something which maligns our culture? Is it that being a prostitute is wrong but sleeping with them is just fine? How do people decide who has higher moral ground here?

I am not a feminist, you don’t need to be feminist to see that Salman Khan running over a car on sleeping people while drunk is fine but some actor doing that is not. I do not know what are the reasons that the businessman/ high profile actor/ whoever-the-fuck-big-guy was involved whose name shall never be spoken but it is evident that something is fucked up in people’s head. They just can’t think straight. I do not understand how people can think that a few murders are fine but prostitution is a unforgivable sin.

Also when they do not know why in first place she did that? That is what a pathetic mentality the society has. Fuck the other rich guy involved or leave Shweta alone.

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