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Kaisey Jiyun: The One song you got to listen to

I have already posted a few times about The Local Train and I am not going to repeat the fact that how awesome these guys are or how soothing their music is. They restore my faith in Hindi Music. And I strongly recommend their music to everyone. But keep in mind they are addictive.

This time yet again they have come up with a beautiful song Kaisey Jiyun. And I am going to say that this is one song that you must listen. It is amazingly written and beautifully sung by Raman Negi who is frontman of the band. Just listen to this song to know why music can get addictive.

I am sure you are going to like it and go on to subscribe their Channel on YouTube for more updates. Here is the link:

You can find these folks on Facebook and Twitter as well.

From the pen Keyboard of a Fan.

Leave Shweta Basu Prasad alone or get the bastard who was also involved

This is a little delayed now, I was thinking of writing it since the time I heard of the news about Shweta Basu Prasad being involved in prostitution. I read about it and my first reaction was “What the fuck is this” some actress turned prostitute? Then I searched some more to find that she worked in some serials when she was a kid and every article said that she was very talented, she must have been that all the media is calling her talented.

As far as my reaction is concerned, it was because of the judgmental nature of the society we live in. For the first she is just not another child actor, she was a national award winner, do you know what does a national award means? She won it for a film called Makdee(of which you might not have heard) and when I found that she was Chunni of Makdee I knew who she was and how talented she is as I have watched that movie. Don’t remember yet Iqbal’s sister in movie Iqbal. Remember now?

Well indeed she turned to prostitution and she accepted it, but what is being neglected is that she was not alone in the act THERE WAS SOMEONE ELSE TOO because it is prostitution if someone pays you for sexual favors.

Secondly, it is important to understand why a National Award winner turned to prostitution, isn’t it? She admitted that she is involved well atleast the reports say so. But why not bring the others who were involved too? And why everyone is so focused in saying that she did something which maligns our culture? Is it that being a prostitute is wrong but sleeping with them is just fine? How do people decide who has higher moral ground here?

I am not a feminist, you don’t need to be feminist to see that Salman Khan running over a car on sleeping people while drunk is fine but some actor doing that is not. I do not know what are the reasons that the businessman/ high profile actor/ whoever-the-fuck-big-guy was involved whose name shall never be spoken but it is evident that something is fucked up in people’s head. They just can’t think straight. I do not understand how people can think that a few murders are fine but prostitution is a unforgivable sin.

Also when they do not know why in first place she did that? That is what a pathetic mentality the society has. Fuck the other rich guy involved or leave Shweta alone.

Go Kabaddi, Pro Kabaddi!!

I have started watching PRO KABADDI on Star Gold these days and I have to say this is one of the most amazing thing done. Firstly because it is a great sport to watch, secondly it promotes an Indian sport that was falling behind by a hell lot and third and most important for the sheer thrill of a match of Kabaddi.

It gets more and more interesting with each and every minute passing by.  The thrill and the way game turns every minute with every raid is inexplicable. The game is of 40 minutes with half time at 20.  They have got some new rules which makes it more interesting like a raider can’t make 3 empty raids, in case he does he will be out for a while.

The team name and their owners are as below:

Team Name City Owner
Bengal Warriors Kolkata Kishore Biyani Future Group
Bengaluru Bulls Bengaluru Kosmik Global Media
Dabang Delhi Delhi Radha Kapoor DO IT Sports Management
Jaipur Pink Panthers Jaipur Abhishek Bachchan
Patna Pirates Patna Rajesh Shah
Puneri Paltan Pune Sumanlal Shah Insurekot Sports
Telugu Titans Vizag Veera Sports
U Mumba Mumbai Ronnie Screwvala Unilazer Sports

I watched two games today, Pune Vs Bengaluru and Delhi Vs Vizag. Pune and Delhi both were underdogs today and they both ended up winning the match. How is that? Well they played really well and their competitors lost by a very minute difference, know more here: ProKabaddi

Interestingly they promoted the event well and that also got people’s attention and the result is there on Star Gold at 7:45 pm. It is a li’l disheartening though that this league is not getting as much attention in Media as it should but it is a remarkable start nonetheless.

Watch the promotion:

Also I would want to congratulate all the people involved in bringing this cool sport on National TV. So for the first time a sport other than Cricket will be noticed by people of the country. And importantly the some great Kabaddi players who were earlier non-existent will be known to Indians.

Go Kabaddi, ProKabaddi!!

Did you listen to #AaogeTumKabhi? If not then go ahead and do it right now

So do you believe in good music or #MusicThatDontMatch? I know it is real tough to believe these days but some dudes are trying real hard to do that for you. Listen to this new track by The Local Train, Aaoge Tum Kabhi. It is beautifully composed and amazingly written.

Here is the link to absolute awesomeness for 4 min 25 sec:

It is the official video of the song released by the band. And guess what, in just three(3) days it has already got over 12k views.

The Local Train is a Delhi based band and their last track Chhoo Lo was their success key.  It has over 150K views on youtube and these guys are identified by this view. So just go ahead and make believe in good music.

They are launching the album pretty soon and The Local Train, you guys got my best. Your album is going to be sold out in no time post release. Thanks for such amazing music!! #MusicThatDontMatch

The Last Samurai of Test Cricket & definitely the best test cricketer ever

The Wall aka Rahul Dravid(Jammie)

To start with lemme quote Matthew Hayden

“All this going around is not aggression. If you want to see aggression on cricket field, look into Rahul Dravid’s eyes”

It is people like him who keep cricket Gentlemen’s game. He is probably the best test cricketer ever. Also he was the kind of a player who puts team first.

He was everything Indian Cricket Team wanted him to be. They needed an opener he was there, they needed a class fielder on third man or slip or gully, he was right there. India needed an extra batsman he becomes the wicket-keeper and performed very well. India needed a captain, he was captain reliable

What has been remarkable is the consistency with which he’s been able to do it overseas. In 2006, Dravid scored two fifties in the Jamaica Test as India won their first series in the Caribbean in 35 years. He lead the side to series victories in England for the first time in a generation too, as captain.

I doubt I can put it better than Bhogle, who said, “Ask him to walk on water for his team and he will ask you how many miles.

In 286 Test innings, Dravid played 31,258 balls. More than anyone else, ever. Just to add to his ability to endure and push himself beyond limits:

He was challenged every time and he challenged the challange every time.

When they called him ‘slow’ for limited overs cricket, scored 50 off 22 balls.

When the opposition never hesitated to appreciate (See the player behind him, even though he reached Pavilion)

You want avhievement how about this:

Some Quotes to make it understandable:

Try to take his wicket in first fifteen minutes, if can’t then try to take the remaining wickets” — Steve Waugh

Vijeta(his Wife):

Glenn McGrath once said that if there was one Indian player who could get a direct entry into the famous Australian team of the late 90s, it would be Rahul Dravid.

Dravid has been a class player for a long time now and we know his ability better than anyone. He’s not like the other guys who love scoring off every ball, and there’s no real weakness in his game either.” — Glenn McGrath

If you can’t get along with Dravid, you’re struggling in life ” — Brett Lee

Rahul Dravid being known as ‘The Wall’ is pretty much spot on. ‘The fortress’ could also describe Rahul. Because once, Dravid was set, you needed the bowling equivalent of a dozen cannon firing all at once to blast him down,”” — Shane The Warne

If I have to put anyone to bat for my life, it’ll be Kallis or Dravid“. — Brian Lara

“Time and Tide waits for nobody, except Rahul Dravid” — MTV India

It is a sad thing that we won’t see more of his cricket any further and the greatest of the people around the world will never say such beautiful things about anyone.

May God Bless the Wall!!

To sum it up with the Batman Series:

Rahul Dravid was not the player India asked for, but he was the player they needed.


Why Indian comedians are going to miss Congress?

With elections right on the door and seeing a week congress and stupid Rahul Gandhi #RaGa leading them, Indian comedians are getting sadder about how they will create jokes about UPA Govt.

A lot of them created a good career joking about Congress, Sonia, Rahul and Manmohan. Where will they find new jokers like them. This hilarious video by All India Bakchod captures this theme  perfectly.

Watch it and subscribe to their channel on youtube: All India Bakchod.

This Alternate Climax to Gravity is amazing

Krishna Bala Shenoi, a 20 year old artist from Bangalore, has come up with a hilarious alternate scene for the Oscar nominated movie ‘Gravity’. Here Sandra sways away in space, she must be saved and she is, by the savior of Earth, The Superman.

Yes you heard me Superman wanna know how? Just watch the video.

You will laugh like crazies when you see AIB humoring bollywood – way too awesome

Now that’s called one hell of a stand up act.

All India Backchod, a youtube channel, taking on bollywood and the stupidity that is served to people in the name of entertainment. I mean I do not say that they are not entertaining but most of the flicks made in a calender year are stupid, plain non-sense.

I had a ROFL, I am sure you will get one too.


NAYAK 2: A hilarious spoof by All India Bakchod

Nayak 2 a gag by All India Bakchod channel on Youtube. It is amazing and hilarious. It features Aloknath, Kejriwal and Delhi Govt. Keep moving along AIB. Our Babu Ji guiding Kejru with his #Sanskaar.

If you  like it subscribe their channel AIB on Youtube

Anurag Kashyap: His struggle for finding his place in Family run Bollywood

Anurag Kashyap at TED: his journey, his movies, ban on cinemas he made and the struggle he went through to reach here, where he is.

It is great to see what he has done, it is a absolute pleasure to listen to him narrating his strife with FIlm families which run the Film industry in India. How his one movie, Black Friday and his work changed the bollywood for good and forever.

The thing worth noting is he had to go through a lot to do what he wants with freedom he wants. That freedom comes with a cost and not everyone has the balls to live up to that challenge.  No wonder his movies are so enjoyable, he puts a lot of free thoughts to shape them.