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The Age of Internet: Hashtag, Online Activism and Trolling

“Sure, hashtags come and go, and the so-called weak ties of digital movements are no match for real world engagement. But they are not only better than nothing, they probably make the world, the one beyond the keyboard, a better place.” —Writer David Carr forThe NewYork Times, March 25, 2012

We live in The Internet Age so we can not neglect the power of Internet Activism or Online Activism. It has become a way to share and promote a cause, expose corruption, share sentiments and rage against discrimination, corruption, heinous crimes like rape. Internet has become a tool to fight against sexism, injustice, rapes, homophobia, rights and much more than what people think.

Social Networks have provided people with free content, an audience and a platform to present their thoughts. The popularity of Social Networks specially twitter has given birth to a phenomenon known as “hashtag activism”, where a hashtag focusing on a specific cause is amplified and trended. It is becoming a phenomenon on facebook as well with facebook featuring “TRENDING” in the top-right corner.

Hashtags are a great way to start an activism. It’s not long back when Chris Messina created them. They come in handy and create a deeper impact. Their popularity by reuse becomes so high that they become more of a rage. That is the beauty of hashtags, they create virality in the content, they get VIRAL.

Speaking from a political POV #KejriDiwas,  #PappuDiwas#Modiyapa are some of the top trending hashtags. They are ways of speaking for or against one electoral candidate of the other. They help commoners raise voice against an injustice or a crime or a sick govt policy. For say people in last few months have been tweeting against . Which shows anger in public towards a govt ideology.

THERE IS SOMETHING IN COMEDY KNOWN AS THE “COMEDIC SIN.” It doesn’t take more than a minute to post something stupid on internet and its getting viral. It is not that hashtags are always used for activism, they have been used so many times to make fun or troll a celebrity or politican or an activist. In last few month same happened with Aloknath then we saw Kejriwal falling victim to hashtag . And the recent victim is Yami Gautam.

It is just a matter of fact that what way Hashtags are being used for. It is great to see that they are used to raise awareness, show sentiments, criticize a decision or raise voice against something wrong happening somewhere. But it is not funny when people start trolling a person for something as rubbish as being a fair-skinned girl. So be smart while using the hashtags next time against someone, think how will you like it when done to you.


The one who stops me from being me: the Inhibited Me


He is like me, he thinks like me, he talks like me, he speak the same language I do. He and I even like the same food. We have same ambitions and goals. Yet he is an obstacle in everything I do, he is my biggest critic but lately I have been feeling he just doesn’t let me do anything good.

He says  derogatory things about my work, about initiatives I take even people I hangout with. He doesn’t let me be happy anywhere. He makes me fear things which don’t even exist, which are not even my concern, things which don’t even affect me.

He doesn’t let me live the way I want, I have to worry about how my actions will be perceived, what my community and society think if I do something. I am not the guy who needs to worry about things like these I am a creator I need to worry about how new stuff can be made? But what he has me lowered down to is “Now I think of what people will say about what I do”.

It was all fine initially I used to like his suggestion it made me look good to people I interact with, improved the way I behave but then one day  realize it is someone else’ life I am living. Things I am doing in first place are the things I never wanted to do and I still don’t. They are not even my priorities.

If you did not understand I am talking about “The Inhibited Me”. He has started scaring me these days. Now I overthink everything, I am not a 100% confident anytime because I need to worry about other what others think.

But I have started to realize that I have to shed my inhibitions, I can’t live with them. What others think is none of my business and not my job to give it a damn to their perception about me? When I told him about my thoughts he told me people will think I am an asshole but that is the cost of freedom. Freedom to live, to be happy, to flourish and grow. And he is the one who made me realize it, it is not easy to get rid of him.

No matter how hard I try he successfully convinces me to overthink about everything around me. But he leaves it up to me to make the final call and it is tough to learn to say NO to him. Though it is worth everytime.

Anurag Kashyap: His struggle for finding his place in Family run Bollywood

Anurag Kashyap at TED: his journey, his movies, ban on cinemas he made and the struggle he went through to reach here, where he is.

It is great to see what he has done, it is a absolute pleasure to listen to him narrating his strife with FIlm families which run the Film industry in India. How his one movie, Black Friday and his work changed the bollywood for good and forever.

The thing worth noting is he had to go through a lot to do what he wants with freedom he wants. That freedom comes with a cost and not everyone has the balls to live up to that challenge.  No wonder his movies are so enjoyable, he puts a lot of free thoughts to shape them.

Bill Gates: My favorite Superhero


Bill Gates is just Mask and Gape away from being a Superhero. Alright he might not be able to fight with 20 people at once but so what? He is dealing with worlds biggest problems.

Wait, How can Gates be a Superhero?  He is what 60 and old and a geek(I think Geek is the new Sexy). He looks like this

Well he invented a Programming Language(that counts for me) Altair BASIC. Then he went on to create Microsoft which is responsible for revolutionizing the personal computing forever. So if you can are using your computer to make your life easy there is a significant contribution of Gates to it.

Microsoft in coming years came out with Windows, Hotmail, Bing(well not their best but yet used search engine). With all this they gave Internet Explorer which taught most of us “How to use/access Internet” primarily for pleasure[if you know what I mean].

He went on to become world’s richest man and his brand Microsoft was once at its peak valued more than $500 billion. Then he truly realized the meaning of “With Great Powers, Comes greater responsibilities”.  He thought it was his time to move on and he did he went on to – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation(

He is helping poor countries in fighting poverty, healthcare issue, disease like AIDS, sanitation issues, food and hunger issues and many more. He also received criticism from several news and media houses but nothing stopped him.

His organization also helps Entrepreneurs and new ideas which can change the world.  So it will not be wrong to say Bill Gates is just gape and mask away from Being a Superhero. After all he is a genius billionaire philanthropist, I can’t say much about Playboy.

This story will compel you to vote

Mr. Shayam Negi is the first voter of very first elections held in Independent India. So if you still are thinking whether one vote of yours will make a difference or not then have a look at this Man. He is 97 years old and has voted since 1951 and guess what country has changed to a million folds better.

He has been voting for 60 years and has seen several up and downs of world’s largest democracy. But he is still a believer in it and says nothing makes him more proud than the vote he casts to bring the change he wants.

And when the biggest festival of democracy, the elections, are right at the corner I would like to make a request to everyone that go out and vote this time, your one vote can bring the change and it certainly will. Pledge to Vote this year. #pledgetovote

What if anti-gay person is asked to hug a Gay Person?

I see a lot of fear in people around homosexuality which is generally derived from minimal understanding of gay people. A social experiment was conducted by The Gay Women Channel(on youtube), where they asked 15 homophobic people to hug gay strangers and what came as output was cute and makes you smile at times and is surprisingly heartwarming.

“DEKH LE” An eye opener which will put men to shame

Everyone talks about Women Empowerment and how necessary it is to respect women. But do we really care or are they good “Filmy” stuff which people use to look aware among others. I want to believe it is former but sadly it is latter.

The greatest leaders of this country(India) blame victims for heinous crime like Rape. She was asking for it by dressing like that or being out at such and such late hours or she was surrounded with too many boys what did she want or she was flirting so casually. Come on you so called educated morons, You and your rotten mentality.

Whistling Woods International issued this video to educate people of such atrocities & gender inequality. It teaches why it is not necessary to stare every women like they are a sex object and more importantly it shows how you look when you do that.

The long reach of reason

What’s important is to reason, reason for anything, behind anything, in favor or against anything. Because it is reason that ensures a rational behavior, development of  society, freedom and existence of humanity as a whole.

Slavery, crucification, rapes are all wrong is a general notion now but it took reason from some enlightened people to make it look like that to everyone.  Empathy, moral righteousness are all derived from reason and it is reason which creates the balance.

Watch this great talk by Steven Pinker and Rebecca Newberger Goldstein on why reason is important and how it has changed us(society) over the course of history?

So next time you think there is something wrong happening around you understand that your reasoning self is trying to preach you something which needs to change.

Some thoughts worth sharing but were never taught

1) Things are just Things, don’t get too attached to them

2) Being successful means different to each person … I know it is tough but respect that.

3) Don’t spread your anger everywhere on internet nobody really cares for it.

4) I know it is great to have ambitions and goals, but some of the coolest people I know have no idea what to do in life.

5) Trust your instincts, you can’t know everything.

6) Fashion and trends are some really hopeless people’s created bullshit, don’t just follow it like a fool.

7) Try to make a little sense next time, talking smart all the time makes you look fool to others.

8) Work will never end but life will, so spend your time on other important things as well.

9) Salary is no way to measure how good a person is, you will listen that crap from people drawing less salary but it is truth nonetheless.

10) Life isn’t really a riddle so please do not try to get the next clue from everything life throws on you.

And Lastly, Life is greater that anything that is part of it.

Greatest talk ever: Embrace transparency by Morgan Spurlock

A TED talk by Morgan Spurlock, where he explains that it takes more than just visibility to a million people to make advertisement marketing. He dives into the hidden but influential world of brand marketing on his quest to make a completely sponsored film about sponsorship. Also he explains how taking risks leads to opportunity?

A high on motivation talk, do watch and share.