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Worst Prime Ministers of India

Not Nehru
Nehru was a leader recognized in world politics which made him a choice for being PM. I have read about his affairs but that doesn’t challenge his leadership capabilities. The only thing he did wrong was underestimating China and playing fool there but he was confident of US and USSR backing him there so he played that strategically but it backfired.

Yes Indira
Now coming to the PM who did most damage to the country, Indira Gandhi stands out as an obvious answer. She was an example of anarchist to the core.

A recap of all the wrong she did back then:-

1) Winning election by fraud and when found guilty she declared emergency and put everyone in jail who spoke against her.

2) Bluestar operation, first creating a terrorist and then doing something so reckless which alienated a community.

3) Indira closed the economy of India, had she made the right choice then this country would have been a different place altogether.

4) She pushed country back to where Nehru Ji left and Shashtri Ji picked it by a closed economic approach, Favoritism and her best punch Emergency.

Relationship with Pak were already bitter and she did not do any good
by fighting 1971 war though I am not totally against her helping create Bangladesh but that was done in not the best strategic fashion. In fact she did it successfully but at the cost of a lifetime of animosity from a neighboring country. Also now Bangladeshi terrorism is catching up at a good speed.

No doubt she was ballsy but she was a bad leader because she had no convictions, she could not handle a crisis and she could not deal with critics. More importantly, she lacked the ability to build a team of talented people in the party and in the government. She wanted trusted lieutenants and she had plenty of them around.

Yes Manmohan
Manmohan Singh can be called another obvious choice for a bad PM because he did nothing except all the effort he put in saving one of the most corrupt family of India.

1) He was Prime Minister and there was corruption going on in ministry directly under him and he kept his eyes closed.

2) He took no action except speaking occasionally agaisnst Pak’s ceasefire, murder of soldiers, terrorist attacks.

3) He was(and is) a sharp and shrewd economist and his best answer to rising inflation, rate of fuels and commdoities was “Coalition government has its own challenges”.

He never even tried to motivate people like a leader. He was merely put there as an honest face to win election for his clean image which worked well in 2009. He was a terrible and a spineless leader.


Silliest statements of 2013 which will make you laugh

This guy picks 5 statements from 2013, which can be called silly and guess what he nails it!! Right for say, when you hear Vivek Oberoi saying that his acting in Krish 3 was comparable or of the cadre of Joker in The Dark Knight, you really want to tell Vivek to shut the KCUF up.

Watch the video for more!!

AAP: Betrayal! Allegations! Reality!

Yesterday, 16-01-2014, was quite an odd day for Delhi. Well in the terms of politics. Two important events happened:
·        Mr. Binny raising allegations on AAP
·        AAP rejecting all the allegations raised by Mr. Binny

For the first event people started saying that this happened because Mr. Binny is pissed off about not getting a position in Delhi’s govt, which is kind of true. But let’s take a look at some of the allegations which others (People) are concerned about too.

He said, “You (Mr. Kejriwal) have done a lot of agitation against the Congress and the BJP. Now you have to explain and show the people how your thought is different from theirs.” Now this one really bugs me as well, before coming to power Mr. Kejriwal used to say that he has a bag full of proofs against Ms. Sheila, Robert Vadra and many more. And now he is CM of Delhi, yet he says nothing. Why?

“There is a difference between what AAP says and does. Whatever AAP promised is not what they are implementing,” Now see I understand some will say that AAP gave 20000L water after coming in power and cut down electricity rates, but wait the way they are giving 20000L water is not how they promised in their manifesto or is it? I am talking about policy not quantity. “I appeal to the media to conduct a referendum and find out what people have to say about power and water. As against what we promised, none of the power bills have been waived off. We never said in any of our meetings that anybody using more than 700 liters will pay for entire consumption. This was introduced in the manifesto, but it hardly reaches 2% of the people.”

And as far as electricity is concerned they are giving subsidy and that too for a limited period. Why subsidy and why for a limited period, which is strategically given out to have a termination date around post election. It is just a doubt and I need to know, why?

Again everyone wants to know for everything that Ms. Sheila’s government did you used to say they are wasting Junta’s (People’s) hard earned money but Mr. Kejriwal, you are also giving subsidy from money that belongs to state and was earned by last government. You keep asking time for starting probe in corruption cases in CWG and others but you did not ask any to make strategy for reducing rates instead in no time you went for subsidy. Why?

Another question raised by Mr. Binny was “Kejriwal promised janlokpal within 15 days of coming to power. What happened to it? AAP had also promised a commando force for women’s safety. It has not even been initiated.” Now all of us are eagerly waiting for CM and other ministers to come under purview of an authority as strong as Lokpal and you, Mr. Kejriwal, too were of the same view what changed and how? By the way it has gone beyond 15 days since AAP came to power. Well you said what not about rapes that happen in the country but this time a Gang Rape happened in your own constituency and yet we are waiting to see your “promised commando force for women’s safety”.

After first event, AAP’s Mr. Yogendra Yadav came out and rejected all the allegations; called him BJP’s puppet and said disciplinary action would be initiated against him.

Dear Yogendra Yadav, you say probe against corrupt minister will happen only when you find enough proof; had it been pre-election time your Party Head would have gone to Anshan for any of these things and here we have someone speaking against AAP and a quick action shall be taken against him. What a piece of Justice, Sir!!

I have some other concerns since they are thinking of taking Loksabha elections. What is AAP’s take on border security, budget deficit? What is their take on AFSPA? How do they want to deal with current state of reservation? What is their economic strategy in times where GDP is going down? But I do not think even they know the answers.

People had high hopes in AAP but now it seems it all was a big troll. It was just a way to keep people thinking that change is coming to political system; to keep them busy with 20000L water and electricity cost debates so they do not talk about issues like Corruption, Rapes, Development and other important aspects.

Mr. Kejriwal doing protests, being radical is one thing and running a government and keeping promises once you get there is another or is it all about just being on camera.

Emergency in India: Why it was the darkest hours and so controversial?

This Post was my response to a question on Quora:

There were allegations by opposition that Indira Gandhi practiced electoral fraud to win the 1971 elections because of which there was huge unrest among political parties, student communities and citizens everywhere. People started protest and their agitation led to demand of dissolution of state government first in Gujrat and then later in Bihar. Gujrat’s happened but Bihar’s was refused by central govt.

Raj Narain filed case against Indira Gandhi in Allahabad High Court and in the verdict the then PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi was found guilty of the charges. See moved to supreme court but the decision was upheld by the Apex Court, she was not allowed to vote but she could continue as PM. This happened on 24th June 1975, JP Narain called a huge rally on 25th where he advised police to reject the decision of court and arrest her as the verdict was immoral.

So to save the power and possession of her position the next day she(Indira Gandhi) proposed emergency to president as the incident of 25th June could have led to a mass rebellion. AND THE EMERGENCY WAS DECLARED. The next 19 months were called blackest hours by JP Narain.


It happened in the interest of one person and we know who she was, a hint the then PM.
Any person who opposed or spoke against her was put behind the bars. That was the time that all these big political names like L.K.Advani, Atal Ji, D.P. Tripathi and thousand others spent their time in jail. Anyone who was considered threat was there in prison.
It was absolute anarchy in otherwise Democratic Nation. 
Elections were postponed indefinitely. Satan Gandhi and her parliamentary majorities could rewrite the nation’s laws, since her Congress party had the required mandate to do so – a two-thirds majority in the Parliament. And when she felt the existing laws were ‘too slow’, she got the President to issue ‘Ordinances’ – a law making power in times of urgency, invoked sparingly – completely bypassing the Parliament, allowing her to rule by decree.
In 1976-1977, the program counted 8.3 million sterilizations, up from 2.7 million the previous year.
Detention of people by police without charge or notification of families was a common occurrence. Abuse and torture of detainees and political prisoners was done only for the welfare of the state[sarcasm intended].
Use of public and private media institutions, like the national television network Doordarshan for Govt propaganda.
Constitution was amended and updated for govt’s or rather Indira Satan Gandhi’s benefit multiple times and laws were created overnight which gave her powers way above law.


The list of evil done can go on but there are no doubts around why they were darkest hours of India. And also why that period was so controversial.

Beauty of the Dark

You can listen to even a pin drop

It gets so serene

As the night matures

The beauty multiplies

And the sky become more dark

With every passing by second

May it be the curve of the Moon

Everything is so fascinating

That they never seem to be so far

Who chose the color for Sky

Which, with a little light from moon

Changes the essence of night

Or the twinkle of stars

Hail the Lord!!!

It lasts and waits

For the sun to rise

After all it’s the darkness of night

Because of which the morning glorifies

A place to be at

beyond those clouds
lies the end to doubts
a place full of happiness
a dive without harness
a life full of hope
and also no pope
here souls live in harmony
and love has overthrown money
a city where you feel free
and everyday is a spree
where devil is also just
and god is not a must
when people believe in reason
and are not burnt by religion
relations have no expectaion
and dreams are in manifestation
beyond those clouds is a life free from impreialism
and full of surrealism

People who ought to be dead

1~ Those up loader people, who upload/update/share all the shit on facebook. The very first thing that occurs to them is it should be on facebook. Suckers the social network was created for people to socialize and not showing how shitty you can get. I don’t care what you do in your mean time just, stop sending your meaningless stupid updates for no freaking reason.

2~ The lame First Name-Last Name Photography people. First of all, buying a DSLR makes you owner of one and not a photographer. I do not like your picture and I do not want to like your page either. You neither have technique nor the eye for photography. You better go read, then experiment and understand what it means, maybe then probably(very little chance) it will be appreciated.

3~ The so called atheists. I have no idea whatsoever that why is it so cool to say I do not believe in God, I am an atheist. Well cool you are and I believe but why do you have to impose atheism on anyone and everyone. Atheism means “The theory or belief that God does not exist”, atheism just like theism is a belief so please respect others belief as well.

4~ Pseudo-guitar players. Just when you thought Shah-rukh was the dumbest thing you’d ever seen playing guitar in the song Challa without knowing how to … Yes, some idiot decides to give SRK a break. And just to get into the whole cool-metal culture, they’ll wear Metallica ‘tees’ and tell every one that Pink Floyd is their favorite band, though they would never have listened to more than 2 songs by Pink floyd.

5~ These super smart phone guys. I use a galaxy S4, we can whatsapp, Line, wechat. That is the best reason to buy a phone with roughly the same cost as a motorbike. Well an honest suggestion, Go get a life!! You utterly need it. All they can think of when they are not using any free messaging apps is to play temple run. Guys, if wasting time was the goal you wasted quite a lot of money for no reason.

6~ These request sender guys. I just crossed XXX level in some non-sense game join me. Well what if I do not like to play game or what if I want to play different game(if you know what i mean). Stop bugging me I have no interest in your lame ass thing I am better off to nothing than this.

7~ The Speakers of Congress, Manish Tewari, Rahul “buddhu” baba, Master of crap Digvijay Singh and son-of-a-gun Kapil Sibbal . Seriously these people either need to get some standards or they are better off dead. I can’t tolerate the non-sense that come out of those ugly mouth and then their aspiration of making Rahul Baba PM of the country is just astounding. The guy who can’t handle a CII speech will handle a country of more than a billion people is my biggest nightmare.

The Love Thing

when sun will lose it’s light
and watch will run out of time
i will be waiting for you
at the gate which separates heaven and hell

you will be old and wrinkled
but still beautiful for me
because i understand your soul in way
in a way no one else does

I know it is hard for you to believe
right now, but once the beauty is gone,
money becomes penniless and power becomes impotent
then you will see the divinity of my truth
and will understand the meaning of these words

i don’t expect love in return from you
i don’t hope that i have a meaning in your world
but there is no reason to loathe me
though i can’t ask you to stop

but when all is gone
and no one will be around us
no people, no blood, no god, no religion,
no sect, no ideosyncracies
you will understand what love is
you will know what i feel