Sharpen your Axe

I read this story somewhere on internet today. It says,


Once there was a guy, he wanted to work as a woodcutter. He went up to the owner and asked for the job. He got the job, the money was good and he liked the job, so he accepted the offer. He was very excited about it on the first day so he cut down 20 trees in a day. It gave him quite a lot of motivation, so next day he was determined to do even better. But even after his hard work he could manage only 15. So next day he tried even harder but next day was even worse, 12.  And the numbers fell each day for next 3 days.

So frustrated and sad both our guy went to his boss and told that he tries harder every day but the number of trees cut keep falling. What could be possibly wrong? The Boss asked “when was the last time you sharpened your axe?”

“Sharpen? I had no time to sharpen my axe. I have been very busy trying to cut trees…”

So what do we learn from it? Well in our lives too we are very busy racing for numbers, be it better money or better job, how much can we achieve where can we reach in next 5 years. But in all this we forget what’s even more important “To Learn”. When was the last time you really “sharpened your Axe”. You tried to add a new skill learn a new thing or traveled to a new place or appreciated the art/beauty around. Can’t remember, right?

Well that is how we are. We keep on focusing on things which are meant to be part of life and forget the life itself. We are too busy losing time. Never forget that you are more important than your job. Don’t lose the important things for some numbers be it a high salary raise or a soul sucking high paying job. Focus on key things learn, live and love. Life will again become beautiful.


Beauty of the Dark

You can listen to even a pin drop

It gets so serene

As the night matures

The beauty multiplies

And the sky become more dark

With every passing by second

May it be the curve of the Moon

Everything is so fascinating

That they never seem to be so far

Who chose the color for Sky

Which, with a little light from moon

Changes the essence of night

Or the twinkle of stars

Hail the Lord!!!

It lasts and waits

For the sun to rise

After all it’s the darkness of night

Because of which the morning glorifies

A place to be at

beyond those clouds
lies the end to doubts
a place full of happiness
a dive without harness
a life full of hope
and also no pope
here souls live in harmony
and love has overthrown money
a city where you feel free
and everyday is a spree
where devil is also just
and god is not a must
when people believe in reason
and are not burnt by religion
relations have no expectaion
and dreams are in manifestation
beyond those clouds is a life free from impreialism
and full of surrealism

People who ought to be dead

1~ Those up loader people, who upload/update/share all the shit on facebook. The very first thing that occurs to them is it should be on facebook. Suckers the social network was created for people to socialize and not showing how shitty you can get. I don’t care what you do in your mean time just, stop sending your meaningless stupid updates for no freaking reason.

2~ The lame First Name-Last Name Photography people. First of all, buying a DSLR makes you owner of one and not a photographer. I do not like your picture and I do not want to like your page either. You neither have technique nor the eye for photography. You better go read, then experiment and understand what it means, maybe then probably(very little chance) it will be appreciated.

3~ The so called atheists. I have no idea whatsoever that why is it so cool to say I do not believe in God, I am an atheist. Well cool you are and I believe but why do you have to impose atheism on anyone and everyone. Atheism means “The theory or belief that God does not exist”, atheism just like theism is a belief so please respect others belief as well.

4~ Pseudo-guitar players. Just when you thought Shah-rukh was the dumbest thing you’d ever seen playing guitar in the song Challa without knowing how to … Yes, some idiot decides to give SRK a break. And just to get into the whole cool-metal culture, they’ll wear Metallica ‘tees’ and tell every one that Pink Floyd is their favorite band, though they would never have listened to more than 2 songs by Pink floyd.

5~ These super smart phone guys. I use a galaxy S4, we can whatsapp, Line, wechat. That is the best reason to buy a phone with roughly the same cost as a motorbike. Well an honest suggestion, Go get a life!! You utterly need it. All they can think of when they are not using any free messaging apps is to play temple run. Guys, if wasting time was the goal you wasted quite a lot of money for no reason.

6~ These request sender guys. I just crossed XXX level in some non-sense game join me. Well what if I do not like to play game or what if I want to play different game(if you know what i mean). Stop bugging me I have no interest in your lame ass thing I am better off to nothing than this.

7~ The Speakers of Congress, Manish Tewari, Rahul “buddhu” baba, Master of crap Digvijay Singh and son-of-a-gun Kapil Sibbal . Seriously these people either need to get some standards or they are better off dead. I can’t tolerate the non-sense that come out of those ugly mouth and then their aspiration of making Rahul Baba PM of the country is just astounding. The guy who can’t handle a CII speech will handle a country of more than a billion people is my biggest nightmare.

The Love Thing

when sun will lose it’s light
and watch will run out of time
i will be waiting for you
at the gate which separates heaven and hell

you will be old and wrinkled
but still beautiful for me
because i understand your soul in way
in a way no one else does

I know it is hard for you to believe
right now, but once the beauty is gone,
money becomes penniless and power becomes impotent
then you will see the divinity of my truth
and will understand the meaning of these words

i don’t expect love in return from you
i don’t hope that i have a meaning in your world
but there is no reason to loathe me
though i can’t ask you to stop

but when all is gone
and no one will be around us
no people, no blood, no god, no religion,
no sect, no ideosyncracies
you will understand what love is
you will know what i feel

The ugly realization

A strange thing happened today. I have this weird habit of starting one thing and then forgetting why i started doing it in the first place. I think I had to call someone but when I started looking in my phone book (which is in my phone of course) I forgot who I was looking for. Instead of putting the phone down I thought I will look at all the numbers I have, maybe I will remember the name I had to call.

So here I start looking and to my amazement I realize that after looking at each and every number I had, which was quite a long list I must admit, I had no one to call not even a single person. Irrespective of how many people you know or how many people are around you, you would always want to talk to only a few persons. But sad part here was I officially had none.

Well I could not remember for sure which person I really had to call but it gave me a realization that how quickly things change around you. It has not been years even when I could have called figuratively anyone to talk about was and when, but I had no one to talk to today. What a weird world we live in right?

surrealism within you and outside