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Hitting AK was wrong and still is, even though you do not like him

It makes me feel sad beyond words. 

Though I do not like AK, I believe if he gets good number of seats he will go and sit in the lap of Mother Gandhi and get Congress back in power. But the fact still remains the fact that he is a man who is challenging a big power or at least is portrayed as one who is challenging a big power.

What makes me feel sad?

India is a free country and here people have right to express, we do not slap people when they are found guilty for 100s od crores of scams so why slap AK for whatever he says or thinks. 

There are politicians, lobbyists who have serious corruption charges against them and they visit people forget slapping nobody even raises a slogan against them. Now they do not like someone and they know they can get away even if they slap him, people got on to it without wasting any time.

Nobody even media dares to speak a word against Robert Vadra, everyone has stopped talking about CWG, Coal Gate even Arvind Kejriwal has. But no one will dare to slap Vadra or Digvijay, we all know Rahul Gandhi is a fool but we are not going to throw ink or stones on him because that will screw the ones whoare involved.

Why it is happening?

It is happening just because AK can’t do anything about these people, he can’t get them killed, he can’t put them behind bars even if these people go they will be out after sometime. So it makes people think “let us hit AK by all mean” and other politicians can do any-goddamn-thing so “let us not touch them”.

Why is it wrong?

It is wrong because it shows our lack of respect to fellow people and our rigidness to accept fact that someone is going to contest against our leader. Let him contest!! I know he will lose and if he wins it is his good work which got him the victory.

I know you like to protest so convert people against his ideas and not him. Vote against him, but no one has right to hit him. It is wrong on so many levels, first lack of respect, it shows that how badly we stand against who are new in system, it tells how we are discriminating a new structure in politics.


He might be anarchist and he totally can’t bloody keep his promises, he can’t even stick to what he says but that does not call for physical assault on anyone. You do not like him, do not vote for him. That is the way to show your anger. Hitting/slapping/throwing stones is not the way. I condemn it all the way.  For heaven’s sake have some respect for democracy!!

Tragediwal: Get a good look at Dharna King

This spoof of Arvind Kejriwal, I mean A Tragediwal is really hilarious and I believe best so far.

This spoof discuses everything from 49 days government stint to against NaMo politics and his so called for-the-people Dharnas. I just hope Mr. Kejriwal I mean Tragediwal watches it to know what people think of him.

The USP of AAP and never ending self-proclamation of self-rightrousness

Stop seeing AAP as a big movement of Change. Anything they do or  say is evaluated on the measures of right and wrong which is unfair to these folks. I understand they entered politics saying they will maintain equality, fight for and with common man, fight election to bring equality and won’t favor people coming from means.

However looking at the lists they published for election, the promises made doesn’t seem to be in place anymore. But there is a twist in situation pre-election they were a movement and now they are Political Party. They need money, famous faces to fight and win elections and since victory is these people are fighting so these things are going to happen.  And also they can’t stop iterating there pre-election agenda as that is USP of AAP.

So it is Junta who needs to decide what they want to believe. Trusting people blindly won’t lead to any good. Their promises and vision contradict their actions. Once Politician of the year” could not answer Rahul Kanwal’s answer to question of Somnath Bharti’s involvement in Internet Scam, charge’s on Character of his once cabinet minister[Watch Video]

It’s  a shame how a movement turns into a disaster, people who once wanted change in system, change themselves. Calling everyone else a thug or thief or liar and yourself the pinnacle of Honesty does not prove that you are.

They fly to Mumbai in planes and then take Auto and pack Auto-rickshaws with 4, when law says 3, does not prove you AAM AADMI but again that’s USP to fight election and they being a National Party can’t run away from doing this drama. But the only thing that I feel disgusted about is when every time they say they are different from other mainstream Political parties.

AAP: Some Drama, A lot of trash talks, hate and anger speech! People of Delhi trolled!

Alright what just happened today!!
Can someone make me understand that what does it mean to protest for getting paid leaves for Govt. officials? And moreover how is it a victory for the people of Delhi? Two days of chaos and a lot of bullshitting for nothing.


Mr. CM was not winning enough so this Dark Knight style Chaos was necessary. And in last couple of days there was some other news around country and problems of people in TV Media and news houses which meant Mr. Kejriwal was not winning. Also he wanted whole state of Delhi to be winning so he took everyone in this journey with him. 
So now when two police men out of five who were blamed for misconduct and whose suspension was demanded are finally going on paid vacation, it is some kind of winning for Delhi’s people. Good Job Mr Kejriwal!!

Ppl advising media to stop covering AAP dharna are tweeting about it for last 24 hours..LOLAMLOL : mehranzaidi 

And more media means more coverage, more popularity and more Winning. Hence the Focus Hungry people start some chaotic movement, block the road, speak ill of Delhi Police, Govt.(well this one was justified) talk of spitting on face of senior leader of opposition to get some more of it. Good Shit Boys!! Now you have done this people are not talking about your racist act and they are talking about this sheer stupidity that happened in last two days.

Well in order to hide a big Sin do a couple of smaller and stupid ones and Voila, the real and ugly Sin is gone. Some nice bollywood kinda deal mates. You have brought some change Folks and Delhi will not be same after today. Just like the way it should be, isn’t it?

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal ends ‘dharna’
SC to hear PIL against ongoing Kejriwal’s dharna


The Racist and Unlawful Law Minister: A disgrace

Racism by definition means, “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races”. Indians have always criticized other countries for their racial behavior towards us. We say racism in any form is not acceptable and yes that stands true, any day.

Now there happened an incident of which I am very ashamed. A minister of Delhi that too of law, attempted raid on African nationals in Khidki village. These Ugandan and Nigerian women were allegedly dealing in Prostitution and drug use. Which are against law, so kudos to our minister for his act.

But what happened next was shameful, He(Law Minister) demanded police conduct medical tests on foreign nationals and even search a house, without a warrant, which some locals believed was a den of vice. He rebuked a police officer for refusing to act without following due process. Later it was reported that there was no intoxicant use. The tests ruled out consumption of any psychotropic substances.

On Friday morning, the women approached the police with separate complaints against unnamed AAP volunteers and sought police protection. The victims (foreign women) alleged that they were beaten by the men and were made urinate in front of public. If they needed urine sample for test it could have been done in a li’l private or at least in presence of women police only and not in front of whole audience. They disgraced the Gender their Party promised protection and security before coming in Political Power and forming Government.

I understand that these women might have been involved in some unlawful activities but that does not allow inhuman behavior towards them. Two negatives does not always make a positive.

There was a Gang Rape in our CM’s legislative election area and now one of his cabinet minister doing this, was this the same party we wanted so badly to come in power? Are they fulfilling their purpose?

Moreover, what is really bugging is Mr. CM coming to National Television and saying their party is not Racist and no one should be embarrassed for our law minister’s UNLAWFUL and INHUMAN act. Well I half agree Sir, that making raid is absolutely fine but rest I sincerely doubt.

And also if anyone wants to search the place where you live Mr. CM, be it your Minister or President of the Nation you love, I do not think you will allow considering the person you are. [Rudeness Intended]

I am ashamed that at any point I supported you or your party, Mr. CM. #QuitAAP

AAP condemned for racist action
Xenophobia, Racism and Vigilantism – Danger Signals for AAP
AAP is not racist, says Kejriwal

AAP: Betrayal! Allegations! Reality!

Yesterday, 16-01-2014, was quite an odd day for Delhi. Well in the terms of politics. Two important events happened:
·        Mr. Binny raising allegations on AAP
·        AAP rejecting all the allegations raised by Mr. Binny

For the first event people started saying that this happened because Mr. Binny is pissed off about not getting a position in Delhi’s govt, which is kind of true. But let’s take a look at some of the allegations which others (People) are concerned about too.

He said, “You (Mr. Kejriwal) have done a lot of agitation against the Congress and the BJP. Now you have to explain and show the people how your thought is different from theirs.” Now this one really bugs me as well, before coming to power Mr. Kejriwal used to say that he has a bag full of proofs against Ms. Sheila, Robert Vadra and many more. And now he is CM of Delhi, yet he says nothing. Why?

“There is a difference between what AAP says and does. Whatever AAP promised is not what they are implementing,” Now see I understand some will say that AAP gave 20000L water after coming in power and cut down electricity rates, but wait the way they are giving 20000L water is not how they promised in their manifesto or is it? I am talking about policy not quantity. “I appeal to the media to conduct a referendum and find out what people have to say about power and water. As against what we promised, none of the power bills have been waived off. We never said in any of our meetings that anybody using more than 700 liters will pay for entire consumption. This was introduced in the manifesto, but it hardly reaches 2% of the people.”

And as far as electricity is concerned they are giving subsidy and that too for a limited period. Why subsidy and why for a limited period, which is strategically given out to have a termination date around post election. It is just a doubt and I need to know, why?

Again everyone wants to know for everything that Ms. Sheila’s government did you used to say they are wasting Junta’s (People’s) hard earned money but Mr. Kejriwal, you are also giving subsidy from money that belongs to state and was earned by last government. You keep asking time for starting probe in corruption cases in CWG and others but you did not ask any to make strategy for reducing rates instead in no time you went for subsidy. Why?

Another question raised by Mr. Binny was “Kejriwal promised janlokpal within 15 days of coming to power. What happened to it? AAP had also promised a commando force for women’s safety. It has not even been initiated.” Now all of us are eagerly waiting for CM and other ministers to come under purview of an authority as strong as Lokpal and you, Mr. Kejriwal, too were of the same view what changed and how? By the way it has gone beyond 15 days since AAP came to power. Well you said what not about rapes that happen in the country but this time a Gang Rape happened in your own constituency and yet we are waiting to see your “promised commando force for women’s safety”.

After first event, AAP’s Mr. Yogendra Yadav came out and rejected all the allegations; called him BJP’s puppet and said disciplinary action would be initiated against him.

Dear Yogendra Yadav, you say probe against corrupt minister will happen only when you find enough proof; had it been pre-election time your Party Head would have gone to Anshan for any of these things and here we have someone speaking against AAP and a quick action shall be taken against him. What a piece of Justice, Sir!!

I have some other concerns since they are thinking of taking Loksabha elections. What is AAP’s take on border security, budget deficit? What is their take on AFSPA? How do they want to deal with current state of reservation? What is their economic strategy in times where GDP is going down? But I do not think even they know the answers.

People had high hopes in AAP but now it seems it all was a big troll. It was just a way to keep people thinking that change is coming to political system; to keep them busy with 20000L water and electricity cost debates so they do not talk about issues like Corruption, Rapes, Development and other important aspects.

Mr. Kejriwal doing protests, being radical is one thing and running a government and keeping promises once you get there is another or is it all about just being on camera.



AAP: Hues and Cry! Blames! Distrust! and Disgust!

India is a democracy and this so-called fact has been abused so much that it’s magnitude is unimaginable. In a democracy everyone has a right to say what one wants and this has led to a Politics of accusations, blames and condemnation of others. Congress says it’s BJP’s fault that country is facing so many challenges and BJP blames it on Congress.

People got fed up of this sort of disgust, so they looked up to a new alternative AAP. They came as a revolution with promises to eradicate corruption, make Aam Aadmi’s (Common Man’s) life easier and serve the nation for a better future. But look what they are turning into, Mr. Kejriwal is seeking Modi and Rahul’s views.

Kejriwal dodges question on AAP’s stand, seeks Modi & Rahul’s views – Video | The Times of India

I am fine with Modi but Rahul Gandhi, now that is some low Mr. Arvind has hit. But that is not the disgusting part, the saddening thing is they are doing what rest of the political parties had been doing in the past. Have we learnt nothing in all these 66 years. Is it all about getting your Party in power? Is there nothing like some respect to an individual’s credentials?

Mr. Kejriwal you are an IITian, an ex Asst. Commissioner and now CM of a state yet you have not proved yourself as an administrative leader. Mr Modi has been proving himself as a strong administrator and a proficient leader for last 13 years since 2001. In July 2007, he became the longest-serving Chief Minister in Gujarat’s history when he had been in power for 2,063 days continuously.

I understand you just asked for his views but with this you start o involve yourself in the same genre of politicians which has been maligning this area since Independence. People have high hopes from you Sir and no one (who supports you or speak against you) wants you to let them down.