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Why AAP failed to get people’s support?

Okay this is a late post in the series, so what?

#AAP lost the elections on most of the seats they contested for, they got 4 of their candidates in Loksabha which is a great news but people thought they are going to be in double digits atleast(being pessimist). Then what exactly went wrong.

It is not people like me who stopped supporting AAP were the reason why AAP failed, it was their supporters who argued in their favor even when they were wrong and in fact an absolute measure of wrong.

Well first thing first,  the party wasn’t ready to compete in the Lok Sabha elections. It didn’t have the necessary reputation among most of the Indian masses to make a big impact in the final analysis. This was, in my humble opinion, a case of jumping the gun. The Aam Aadmi Party was crying from the rooftops that they were prevented from passing the Lokpal Bill in the Delhi Assembly. But guess what, people do not want to hear Delhi’s story they want to know what you have to offer.

The specter of Aam Aadmi Party’s ill-fated 49-day government in Delhi was always going to hang over their head. It was the job of Arvind Kejriwal and his think tanks to show people that they were right in resigning prematurely. The party campaign instead focused solely on the opposition candidates, most of all on Modi, and we all know how this strategy works out (Think 2004). The tag of escapist which they got stuck to them and took them down in this Lok Sabha.

Another important aspect of being established as a party are the supporters. It is their job to convey the message, values for which party stands but instead they were busy fighting everyone they could find who was speaking against their messiah Arvind Kejriwal. Mr. Kejriwal is just a human being so he has all the rights to be wrong. It is supporter’s job to make his stand clear, but they were too busy maligning oppositions that they could not even make Mr. Kejriwal look good.

Also, during their government, Arvind Kejriwal took up protest against central government and conducted mohalla sabha for taking decisions for the country.

When people go vote for you, they hope you’re gona govern them with right understanding and judgement. Its your skill they trusted. Your coming back to them for every decision is childish and many people took it as sign of incompetence.

The expectations were never set properly. Goals were never clear and the execution (to spread too thin with very limited resources) was flawed as well. It was never going to yield anything satisfactory. They put all their energy in bringing down the opposition and did not focus on their rise. They often told what would happen if Modi/Gandhi come to power but they forgot to tell what would happen if they come to power.

The things are yet not over forever, they still can be the answer to several political setback questions. Remember there is no permanent crisis in politics and AAP is just in their beginning phase. They can reach to a place where they can bring the fix they say and can change India for good as they promise. But that road is rocky and I do not know if they will resign again in middle or not? Though I do not want them to.

Tragediwal: Get a good look at Dharna King

This spoof of Arvind Kejriwal, I mean A Tragediwal is really hilarious and I believe best so far.

This spoof discuses everything from 49 days government stint to against NaMo politics and his so called for-the-people Dharnas. I just hope Mr. Kejriwal I mean Tragediwal watches it to know what people think of him.