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Why saying an atheist is a terrorist is absolutely wrong?

“Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law” It was reported a couple of days back.

I like getting news, I like to be informed and I generally don’t criticize most of the news I get. But this news is ridiculous, the reason behind this royal decree is to crack down on political dissidents, but for that you can’t declare a belief to be terror provoking.


Statistically speaking terrorism has majorly been in the name of religion. And since atheists do not believe in god they do not kill people to prove that their GOD is better than someone else’. More people have been killed in the name of religion than any other thing, I mean Crucifications, mass executions, torturing people who spoke against church, throwing stones on prostitutes and thieves till they died have all been done because people went against one GOD.

I have observed that atheists are generally peaceful people, they do not argue to prove superiority of their god or they do not want to fight for such stupid reason. Declaring them as terrorist does not make any sense in any fair universe.

In a perfect world Atheism or Agnosticism will be the most followed ways and not the religious ones because the latter(religion) leads to only chaos. It indeed is disappointing to get any news as stupid as this one.