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A truly selfless human: The saint of baylovo

Who says there are no selfless acts/motives in people anymore. There are some who are others absolutely. I am talking about Dobri Dobrev this guy honestly deserve some space here. How and why?

So lemme introduce you to a 99 year old beggar of Bulgaria, who walks several kilometers everyday to  sit or stand in front the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky in Sofia to beg for money. What’s so special about that, eh?

This man donates every single penny he gets to Orphanages and Charities. How much did you donate last year?

He lost almost all his hearing in second world war in one of the bombings in Bulgarian capital Sofia. In year 2000 he donated all he had to the betterment of society and cut his relations with materialism.  He lives in a evry modest place on his 80 euro pension.

That is the saint of Baylovo

The kind of example that he gives with his asceticism that led many to call him “The saint of Baylovo”. Others call him “Dyodo Dobri” as in Grandpa Dobri with love.  Now that is a life worthy of respect and truly a selfless one.

20 July 2014, he will turn 100 but guess what no one will care for that, will we?