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Look inside Dharavi: These guys show how Dharavi, Mumbai is more than just slum

Technology is changing the face of communication, connections and the way people see and understand things. It is technology which helped Be The Local Tours connect to their customers and have presence everywhere.


They wanted to show people what is inside Dharavi, how Dharavi is more than just SLUM.  Their website got them cutomers and connected to a whole world of people who was curious to understand what’s there.

Have a look at the video by Intel, with their Look Inside Theme


These guys now have an office and some employees(tourist guide) who majorly are students trying to support their education.  So the next time you’re in Mumbai, don’t forget to give these guys a call.

Respect to Mahananda: A story of Courage and power of Human Spirit

Though it is not easy for everyone to start a life after losing everything your dignity, respect and life-in-short. This small story teaches that these words are nothing more than words.

In South India there is a tradition of “dedicating” a girl  to worship and service of a deity or a temple for the rest of her life. Mahananda was given to temples as Devdaasi. She was traded as Sex worker at a very early age. It isn’t a story of helplessness and tragedy; it’s a story of the power of the human spirit. 

She had to go for an abortion after a 5 months pregnancy. Even after so much she came out of the whole SHIT and has managed to live a respectable life. And guess what she is an Entrepreneur now, what if she can’t even pronounce entrepreneur or what if she does not know what it means.

Loan money to people who want to do something @ http://milaap.org/  There still is hope to change this country!!