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The one who stops me from being me: the Inhibited Me


He is like me, he thinks like me, he talks like me, he speak the same language I do. He and I even like the same food. We have same ambitions and goals. Yet he is an obstacle in everything I do, he is my biggest critic but lately I have been feeling he just doesn’t let me do anything good.

He says  derogatory things about my work, about initiatives I take even people I hangout with. He doesn’t let me be happy anywhere. He makes me fear things which don’t even exist, which are not even my concern, things which don’t even affect me.

He doesn’t let me live the way I want, I have to worry about how my actions will be perceived, what my community and society think if I do something. I am not the guy who needs to worry about things like these I am a creator I need to worry about how new stuff can be made? But what he has me lowered down to is “Now I think of what people will say about what I do”.

It was all fine initially I used to like his suggestion it made me look good to people I interact with, improved the way I behave but then one day  realize it is someone else’ life I am living. Things I am doing in first place are the things I never wanted to do and I still don’t. They are not even my priorities.

If you did not understand I am talking about “The Inhibited Me”. He has started scaring me these days. Now I overthink everything, I am not a 100% confident anytime because I need to worry about other what others think.

But I have started to realize that I have to shed my inhibitions, I can’t live with them. What others think is none of my business and not my job to give it a damn to their perception about me? When I told him about my thoughts he told me people will think I am an asshole but that is the cost of freedom. Freedom to live, to be happy, to flourish and grow. And he is the one who made me realize it, it is not easy to get rid of him.

No matter how hard I try he successfully convinces me to overthink about everything around me. But he leaves it up to me to make the final call and it is tough to learn to say NO to him. Though it is worth everytime.

Living up to potential by being weird

Why are you in fear? What exactly is it that you fear?

In a world where you have limited time you are already naked and you do not have anything to be ashamed of. The problem is if you are being yourself people will perceive that you are weird. If you are easy going, you will be taken for granted. And the list never ends. But wait and ask yourself that does what other think of you mattes at all?

What you think of yourself matters; Worst part to note is you keep forgetting it. Your dreams are bartered in return of fulfilling needs. Living life up to people’s expectations, maintaining social status becomes sole purpose of existence. And no matter how many times you think of moving forward to your goal, some asshole will always make you step back by telling you REPERCUSSIONS of your actions. You trade in your reality for a role.

Do you realize that people love you for what you have achieved and not for who you truly are, so you do not have to worry about what they think. If I quote Jim – “Where is your will to be weird?”

You believe in change, you want a revolution, guess what it’s not going to happen and the reason is there within you. Everyone talks about it nobody likes it, we are afraid of losing what we have if things change. So what if it is inevitable, we still do not like it.

These fears they will keep you down and will make sure that you stay there forever, except if you choose to accept it, Face it, fight it. I am not willing to give up what I am for what you can turn me into. Do I sound like a jerk? Then finally I am living up to my potential.

Yet another excuse for failure: label IITs and IIMs System of Exclusion?

Satya Nadela becomes CEO of Microsoft and all Indians lose their minds. I do not understand why all of a sudden people have started finding mistakes in IIT and IIM. Why people have started calling them Filtering Systems instead of producers of Intellectual capital. What is their fault in it?

I understand that people getting to high positions in several organizations are Indians and many of them might not even be from IITs or IIMs but why start calling them filtering system all of a sudden? They still are most prestigious colleges of India without any doubt where any student dream to land on. People prepared/prepare so hard to get there.

Those who qualify are generally of very high caliber and they achieve in life. I am not saying others do not. But look at the lists of startups coming out of these colleges and others. And the startups formed provide jobs to 100s further not just to a CEO. Best example is of Naukri.com by Infoedge(IIM).


Startups by IITians

I am very happy about Mr. Nadela to reach position of pioneer ofSoftware company. That is his achievement. Also the India is not at all responsible for he becoming the CEO, rather he is there because he left India and the orthodox thinking we have here. Instead of saying that he achieve we have already started talking shit about most prestigious colleges of India. We are so busy finding fault that we never get to focus on success and growth.

I am fed up of the way people think and they start blurting out any shit which comes to their head. You could not get in IITs/IIMs, you never tried to work for your passion, never dared to take a risk, never even thought of going to US/UK to study further, yet when it comes to finding excuses for you failure you start calling IITs/IIMs a fitering criteria.


These people when go outside their mind opens, their fear of risks mitigates. Their grow a pair of balls again for taking risk and this only lead to their success.

But the guys from these great colleges already know what they are capable of, so they are not afraid of trying new stuff and hence they succeed.

And lemme say something very bluntly you are going to fail to have a great career, if you do not give up your fears. You can’t live in fear and keep avoiding risks, yet expect to be filthy rich. Go out!! Explore!!