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This Alternate Climax to Gravity is amazing

Krishna Bala Shenoi, a 20 year old artist from Bangalore, has come up with a hilarious alternate scene for the Oscar nominated movie ‘Gravity’. Here Sandra sways away in space, she must be saved and she is, by the savior of Earth, The Superman.

Yes you heard me Superman wanna know how? Just watch the video.

Awesome ad by Center fresh: jisne sach me lagai zubaan pe lagaam

A much needed answer to all the stupid Ads be it the toothpaste with Salt or Ultra Powerful Cement or fairness creams. Center Fresh really shuts up all of them.  Watch this Hilarious “Ye Wala” Ad :

Center Fresh – Rakhe Zubaan pe Lagaam

Calvin and Hobbes !!! Errrr … Calvin and cool Dad

Calvin and his father generally have a very informative and thought provoking conversation. He is a Dad who’s answer to every question in universe and is fun too at the same time.

You do not believe see for yourself:

Aloknath’s Sanskaari Rap

Your facebook wall and twitter homwpage was flooded with #aloknath memes and I bet everyone enjoyed them thoroughly. Some of them were really hilarious like:

Here are some more…

But our BABUJI also knew his popularity is growing. Below you will see a Rap featuring #Aloknath and his #Sanskaar.

Now when we know that you can’t get anywhere without Ashirwaad, so  go ahead and see Babuji blessing everyone with ashirwad:

Now what’s next Babuji??