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Hitting AK was wrong and still is, even though you do not like him

It makes me feel sad beyond words. 

Though I do not like AK, I believe if he gets good number of seats he will go and sit in the lap of Mother Gandhi and get Congress back in power. But the fact still remains the fact that he is a man who is challenging a big power or at least is portrayed as one who is challenging a big power.

What makes me feel sad?

India is a free country and here people have right to express, we do not slap people when they are found guilty for 100s od crores of scams so why slap AK for whatever he says or thinks. 

There are politicians, lobbyists who have serious corruption charges against them and they visit people forget slapping nobody even raises a slogan against them. Now they do not like someone and they know they can get away even if they slap him, people got on to it without wasting any time.

Nobody even media dares to speak a word against Robert Vadra, everyone has stopped talking about CWG, Coal Gate even Arvind Kejriwal has. But no one will dare to slap Vadra or Digvijay, we all know Rahul Gandhi is a fool but we are not going to throw ink or stones on him because that will screw the ones whoare involved.

Why it is happening?

It is happening just because AK can’t do anything about these people, he can’t get them killed, he can’t put them behind bars even if these people go they will be out after sometime. So it makes people think “let us hit AK by all mean” and other politicians can do any-goddamn-thing so “let us not touch them”.

Why is it wrong?

It is wrong because it shows our lack of respect to fellow people and our rigidness to accept fact that someone is going to contest against our leader. Let him contest!! I know he will lose and if he wins it is his good work which got him the victory.

I know you like to protest so convert people against his ideas and not him. Vote against him, but no one has right to hit him. It is wrong on so many levels, first lack of respect, it shows that how badly we stand against who are new in system, it tells how we are discriminating a new structure in politics.


He might be anarchist and he totally can’t bloody keep his promises, he can’t even stick to what he says but that does not call for physical assault on anyone. You do not like him, do not vote for him. That is the way to show your anger. Hitting/slapping/throwing stones is not the way. I condemn it all the way.  For heaven’s sake have some respect for democracy!!