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Eesha Khare: 18 and inventor of next generation power source

This 18 year old girl has designed a super capacitor which can charge a mobile phone battery in a minute. She was awarded by Intel as “Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award”.

What she has accomplished is marvelous and can change the future of energy sources. It is great to see a woman of her caliber and how she is contributing to a better world.


Look inside Dharavi: These guys show how Dharavi, Mumbai is more than just slum

Technology is changing the face of communication, connections and the way people see and understand things. It is technology which helped Be The Local Tours connect to their customers and have presence everywhere.


They wanted to show people what is inside Dharavi, how Dharavi is more than just SLUM.  Their website got them cutomers and connected to a whole world of people who was curious to understand what’s there.

Have a look at the video by Intel, with their Look Inside Theme


These guys now have an office and some employees(tourist guide) who majorly are students trying to support their education.  So the next time you’re in Mumbai, don’t forget to give these guys a call.