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Plight of Indian Cinema: Good cinema is probably a myth

I have a back pain so I thought of staying home this weekend literally HOME except only time I went to see my doctor. So I switched on the TV and thought will watch a couple of flicks playing on TV.

Now first movie that was playing in the noon was Rowdy Rathore which btw is a hilarious watch. I mean nothing in that movie will make you wonder if that is possible or not as nothing is practically or scientifically possible. And on a side note this movie made 100 Crore in the year of its release.  Just have a look of the poster of the movie:

The movie shows how even bad guys thieves get good, educated girls. The movie also educate us about how Akshay Kumar manage to fight 40 men alone. The question that hit me hard was “Are the claims of poverty in India all false or what”? Coz if people were aware of poverty they won’t waste their hard earned money on something like Rowdy Rathore.

But again that was just the start, next in line was Youngistaan which has an amazing and unbelievable(literally) story. Oh yes!! a stupid one as well. Here because PM of India dies so the political advisory of Ruling party advised to appoint the only son of former PM as current PM. Brilliant!! Just Brilliant!!

Our guy the new PM has no relation with Politics, even his girlfriend asks if he is qualified enough for the position and also HE DOESN’T WANT TO BE PM. Bloody hell!! How did they make him PM? What is it a documentary on Rahul Gandhi? I mean he doesn’t do anything. All the while I thought now he will create some policy or act like PM but hell he does not and the movie’s end comes in no time. Indeed it is story of Gandhi family.

I was yet not disappointed enough. It is night already and they are playing Jai Ho and Yaariyan on some channels. Now Yaariyan is so concerned about animals and their safety that in a scene in order to save a cat the actor does a stunt where he crawls down on tower top wall and saves the cat, I don’t understand how the fuck did cat get there in first place if reaching to that spot is impossible. LOGIC Suckers!!

Then they reach Austrailia where our hero sees a firangi and thinks of her as his soul mate, then they do a rock show in Hindi to which all foreigners are grooving and singing along. Hindi is so mainstream there days even in Austrailia although Indians are rejecting it. BTW they lose the competition coz they are Indian, how is that? Racism prolly!!

Protagnist Lakshya’s lakshya in life is to find a ‘hot si, sexy si’ girlfriend, who is a ’36-24-36′ so he can kiss her in public and show her off. And that is not sexist or against women. The film is truly on DeshBhakti and shit, primarily SHIT.

So I switched on to Jai Ho, which is a Salman movie so it is not good or bad, it is Salman’s movie where they are selling an idea of “Helping 3 persons in place of saying Thank You” and people are reluctant to help and he roars like a lion[as loud as that] and says the guy has a good face, he can be a good CM and helps everyone selflessly and beats the shit out of 100 armed goons bloody alone. There is so much going on in just one movie no wonder it made 100 Crore. Also it was without any doubt a milestone in Indian Cinema though it did not make any sense.


I do not understand what happened to the concept of Mass Media which is supposed to educate people through visual message. I still remember India produced movies like Boot Polish, Salaam Bombay!, Saraansh, Anand, Zakhm, Bombay, Bheja fry, Swadeshm Gangs of wasseypur. Ooops I forgot they are not entertaining to the falling IQ of the country’s youth. It would probably fry their brain to watch something logical or may even blind them for indefinite time.

Though I am watching the movies but my soul is crying WHAT THE FUCK!! WHAT THE FUCK!!

DOOM 3 Vs Gandey: How to make two movies with same storyline

This Hilarious spoof by Shudh Desi Endings a YouTube Channel compares storyline of two successful Bollywood movies and reveal how similar they are to each other. The spoof is extremely funny, well that goes without saying.

I guarantee laughter if you do not believe then Angootha Lagwa Lo. Enjoy!!