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Why do we love Google?

Well for the starters google is a place where you do most of your searches and exchange mails. So why everyone is in love with google? First thing is they let you search for free, then they let you exchange mails for free, then the best browser in town Google Chrome is available on marketplace for free, who can forget Google goggles, Google drive to store things for free. Enough reasons to love google and all this is for free, Right? But just when you think its all wait and think, best maps ever — Google Maps, best tube channel Youtube, their upcoming programming language project Go, Google cars, online office and calenders, and all of this for free. Isn’t that just amazing. Think of all that google gives you and that too for free.

But didn’t I tell you that just when you think its all wait and think. As I say more often than not, If you do not have an iPhone then you got plenty of options in Android Market and yes a hell lot of crazy apps. And they do not keep it all for people anyone can use google APIs and create a good business for themselves, and people have done that and are doing that. Google funds businesses, Innovation and crazy ideas. Google code is there at your service and to share your thought there is blogger. What else can they possibly give you, wait, try and search for www.indiagetonline.in. Intresting isn’t it.

Well we just proved that Google is one of the most innovative companies of all times. Who would have thought that a crazy idea of a website where people can search random stuff will become online world’s leader one day. It started real small but went on to become what it is today. But never forget what I told you “just when you think its all wait and think”, google is now trying to solve death and fight aging, their Google Calico project . How? try reading the article here http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2152422,00.html for more reading visit here http://edition.cnn.com/2013/10/03/tech/innovation/google-calico-aging-death/.

The intent of this article is to make people understand and realize how easy our life has been made by google and that is what should be a lesson to learn from Google for every startup, that you can be god-damn-popular-like-hell if you focus on basic Solving Problem of people.

I might have missed some of the real cool apps by google feel free to add them in comments.

Startups and why everyone is trying to get into one

I came across a question on Quora which read Entrepreneurship: What is a “startup”, and why does everybody seem to be in one?. I had following answer,  hope it will be helpful for everyone

Start-ups are companies which are newly created or are still in Market Research phase. Their growth, survival depends on the amount of popularity they get/clients they make/people they connect to. So their growth can be as fast as Facebook or can be modest as in case of Infoedge. Startups are generally based n an idea or concept which a group of people work really hard to implement and then even harder to Scale till it becomes a sustainable business.
Now coming to your question, why everyone wants to be in one? Well first thing first people prefer inventing a job than to finding it, as it involves more challenge and you actually can do what you want to do. Second the learning is great, all the things that you hear people talking abut you will be implementing on your on. Next is that you get to be your own boss. Next and it is important one, you actually address a problem or give it a solution which brings the change for all the good. Another important thing is if you succeed the return on a startup is insane, try finding what’s worth Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft and the list goes on and on. They were all startups at one time. You can also read about Zomato or Redbus, they are all cool startups.

Now yes this is the place from where the pointless apps are coming from. But if you think again these Apps are not as pointless as you might think. They tell you good restaurants, tell you routes to different places, guide you till there, find good discount coupons, Games(save you from getting bored to death), update you with all kind of news, connect you with friend and social world. My point is startups help people by making their lives easier in one way or another and if you think again that is kind of a social service but only difference is it is a profitable one

What went was the past

what went was the past
slid from the hand so fast
and the darkness prevailed
everytime the innocence was assailed
that torture of imaginations
with vilified incantation
felt like an orchard of cactus
an irritant mattress

the time has changed
the esteem was ravaged
soul was now exposed naked
nothing was left to be ashamed
it certainly was the bottom low
any further one could not go
which gave me the courage
but I had to mask this rage