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Toffee Model! Seriously!! You got nothing better Rahul Gandhi

Recently Rahul gandhi called Gujrat a #toffeemodel, really Mr. gandhi or shall I say Master Gandhi looking at the maturity of your brain. No one in this country respect you  and you have earned. What is  your dire need to prove your stupidity every time you speak. To be honest so far this seems to be you Model for India.


Go and try to find out that your government has given Gujrat quite a many award, even UN has and one day you call it Toffee Model. Well call whatever you want but Toffee!! Seriously master Gandhi, why not lollipop.

You open your mouth and lower the IQ of a whole nation. I am sure Modi aptly said “He is a child at heart because if he was mature he would have known that over 300 models of the Gujarat government has won toffees (trophies) from the United Nations and the Indian government”. 


On one hand congress gave a robot of a current PM and on another they are projecting one whose age is greater than his IQ. You leave me astonished every single instance you speak with your legend thoughts like “Poverty is a state of mind” like “Jupiter’s escape velocity”. Why don’t you, along with your Momma, Mannu Ji and DOGGYvijay, try to escape earth on that velocity? That will be something good that came out Congress in last 10 years.

#MyVote2Congress is trending on twitter, guess what My Vote is not for Congress

Twitter has grown to a scale where , as of Jan 2014, 500 Million tweets are shared every day. In order to facilitate great sharing of knowledge/information they also tell what’s trending in the middle-left of the page:



This trending thing is absolutely awesome but a strange thing happened today, The thing is


This is embarrassing why would anyone say their vote is for congress until and unless they want another 5 years of Corruption and downgrading economic conditions for India. So I thought I will checkout some Congress Loving tweets and here is what is Found.

Capture1 Capture2 Capture3 Capture4

Even people are confused how it started, this is hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. No one likes Congress, people specially youth hates RahulGandhi, Sardar Manmohan Singh has been condemned by people, No one likes Sonia and most importantly they have looted the nation for the last decade, yet it is trending.

Either Congress is paying a lot to twitter or something fishy is happening out there. I am curious because My Vote is not for Congress or shall I say DHONGress.