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What went was the past

what went was the past
slid from the hand so fast
and the darkness prevailed
everytime the innocence was assailed
that torture of imaginations
with vilified incantation
felt like an orchard of cactus
an irritant mattress

the time has changed
the esteem was ravaged
soul was now exposed naked
nothing was left to be ashamed
it certainly was the bottom low
any further one could not go
which gave me the courage
but I had to mask this rage

Beauty of the Dark

You can listen to even a pin drop

It gets so serene

As the night matures

The beauty multiplies

And the sky become more dark

With every passing by second

May it be the curve of the Moon

Everything is so fascinating

That they never seem to be so far

Who chose the color for Sky

Which, with a little light from moon

Changes the essence of night

Or the twinkle of stars

Hail the Lord!!!

It lasts and waits

For the sun to rise

After all it’s the darkness of night

Because of which the morning glorifies

The ugly realization

A strange thing happened today. I have this weird habit of starting one thing and then forgetting why i started doing it in the first place. I think I had to call someone but when I started looking in my phone book (which is in my phone of course) I forgot who I was looking for. Instead of putting the phone down I thought I will look at all the numbers I have, maybe I will remember the name I had to call.

So here I start looking and to my amazement I realize that after looking at each and every number I had, which was quite a long list I must admit, I had no one to call not even a single person. Irrespective of how many people you know or how many people are around you, you would always want to talk to only a few persons. But sad part here was I officially had none.

Well I could not remember for sure which person I really had to call but it gave me a realization that how quickly things change around you. It has not been years even when I could have called figuratively anyone to talk about was and when, but I had no one to talk to today. What a weird world we live in right?