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MODIfied Nepal: India-Nepal promising ties for good of both Nation

Modi visited Nepal, addressed Nepal’s parliament went to Pashupati temple. All these things tell a few characteristics of a Man he is. He is focusing on building strong ties and win trust of our neighbors. He assured Nepal of India not interfering in their internal affairs and also wanted to have great ties and support on Indo-Nepal Border. 

Nepal is a place with great natural resources, the solution to their problems lies with them. All Modi is doing is to help them use those for their betterment. Nepal has the highest peak on Earth, the mighty Himalayas, fast flowing rivers, Natural vegetation, is historically and culturally rich, has religious importance as well, and all of the above can be endorsed to make it a great tourist destination. 

Also we need to understand his stand on development of border as bridge and lending a helping hand in developing the export of herbal medicines. He has promised another billion dollars for the development of Nepal.

One noticable incident is his pooja at Pashupatinath Temple. He is a man of strong religious and spiritual belief. And he is strong with his stand when it comes to his beliefs. He did not try to monetize this event in any sort of people pleasing event, but people in Nepal too were “Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi”. That is Aura of a true leader. 

India Is emerged as a leader in BRICS, Bhutan and now is rising in Nepal. It brings a lot of diplomatic leverage to the nation. And we all have to agree in order to rise we have to take our allies along with us. The hope is together SAARC nations should wage a war against common enemy poverty, terrorism and help each other in bringing peace.

Live Long and Prosper… \\//