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Did you listen to #AaogeTumKabhi? If not then go ahead and do it right now

So do you believe in good music or #MusicThatDontMatch? I know it is real tough to believe these days but some dudes are trying real hard to do that for you. Listen to this new track by The Local Train, Aaoge Tum Kabhi. It is beautifully composed and amazingly written.

Here is the link to absolute awesomeness for 4 min 25 sec:

It is the official video of the song released by the band. And guess what, in just three(3) days it has already got over 12k views.

The Local Train is a Delhi based band and their last track Chhoo Lo was their success key.  It has over 150K views on youtube and these guys are identified by this view. So just go ahead and make believe in good music.

They are launching the album pretty soon and The Local Train, you guys got my best. Your album is going to be sold out in no time post release. Thanks for such amazing music!! #MusicThatDontMatch