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Kaisey Jiyun: The One song you got to listen to

I have already posted a few times about The Local Train and I am not going to repeat the fact that how awesome these guys are or how soothing their music is. They restore my faith in Hindi Music. And I strongly recommend their music to everyone. But keep in mind they are addictive.

This time yet again they have come up with a beautiful song Kaisey Jiyun. And I am going to say that this is one song that you must listen. It is amazingly written and beautifully sung by Raman Negi who is frontman of the band. Just listen to this song to know why music can get addictive.

I am sure you are going to like it and go on to subscribe their Channel on YouTube for more updates. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/TLTOfficial

You can find these folks on Facebook and Twitter as well.

From the pen Keyboard of a Fan.

Did you listen to #AaogeTumKabhi? If not then go ahead and do it right now

So do you believe in good music or #MusicThatDontMatch? I know it is real tough to believe these days but some dudes are trying real hard to do that for you. Listen to this new track by The Local Train, Aaoge Tum Kabhi. It is beautifully composed and amazingly written.

Here is the link to absolute awesomeness for 4 min 25 sec:

It is the official video of the song released by the band. And guess what, in just three(3) days it has already got over 12k views.

The Local Train is a Delhi based band and their last track Chhoo Lo was their success key.  It has over 150K views on youtube and these guys are identified by this view. So just go ahead and make believe in good music.

They are launching the album pretty soon and The Local Train, you guys got my best. Your album is going to be sold out in no time post release. Thanks for such amazing music!! #MusicThatDontMatch

The Local Train: Band which restores faith in Hindi Music

In a time when most heard Hindi Songs are “Paani Paani …. Saani Saaani” or “Munni Badnaam”, there is a band which keeps on restoring my faith in Hindi music, The Local Train. For the starters their songs are soulful, are not ridiculous, make sense and can be listened over and over again for ages.

The band got 4 members, Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar: Raman Negi, Lead Guitars: Paras Thakur, Bass Guitars: Ramit Mehra, Drums/Percussions: Sahil Sarin. Some of the really talented musicians I have listened to and also some of the craziest people I met.And I have watched them perform, the energy they have on stage is honestly marvelous.

The band was formed in 2008 and since then they are keeping promises of delivering Good Music. You listen to them once and you just get addicted. Nobody gets more than a 100 thousand views on youtube video for nothing:

And 17k unpaid likes on FB pages for nothing:  https://www.facebook.com/TheLocalTrain

So for people who do not know them go ahead and check out some of the amazing tracks they have performed.


It’s not only the Music of a band which makes it great, it is the message or let’s say the vision makes them great. So when most of these Music people are busy wasting their talent in stupid Valentine’s Day Parties, the band did something different. The Local Train, performing for orphans and kids while celebrating Valentine [14.O2.2014].

Album Valentines Day

It’s not that I got impressed by this gig, I am not an emotional and moreover, this guy Raman Negi, I know him for getting involved in such affairs.  They are good with Music, awesome on stage, don’t waste their talent in stupid parties. Yet they are popular among chicks:

Thanks The Local Train for giving such wonderful music, your work is truly appreciated!!

Your Fan,

If you believe in Music, follow them on their youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TLTOfficial?feature=watch

Follow them on facebook, if you want to catch them perform: The Local Train