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The USP of AAP and never ending self-proclamation of self-rightrousness

Stop seeing AAP as a big movement of Change. Anything they do or  say is evaluated on the measures of right and wrong which is unfair to these folks. I understand they entered politics saying they will maintain equality, fight for and with common man, fight election to bring equality and won’t favor people coming from means.

However looking at the lists they published for election, the promises made doesn’t seem to be in place anymore. But there is a twist in situation pre-election they were a movement and now they are Political Party. They need money, famous faces to fight and win elections and since victory is these people are fighting so these things are going to happen.  And also they can’t stop iterating there pre-election agenda as that is USP of AAP.

So it is Junta who needs to decide what they want to believe. Trusting people blindly won’t lead to any good. Their promises and vision contradict their actions. Once Politician of the year” could not answer Rahul Kanwal’s answer to question of Somnath Bharti’s involvement in Internet Scam, charge’s on Character of his once cabinet minister[Watch Video]

It’s  a shame how a movement turns into a disaster, people who once wanted change in system, change themselves. Calling everyone else a thug or thief or liar and yourself the pinnacle of Honesty does not prove that you are.

They fly to Mumbai in planes and then take Auto and pack Auto-rickshaws with 4, when law says 3, does not prove you AAM AADMI but again that’s USP to fight election and they being a National Party can’t run away from doing this drama. But the only thing that I feel disgusted about is when every time they say they are different from other mainstream Political parties.