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When you hear these advice, think at least twice.

Well here we are about to discuss some Career Advice which, if you get from anyone, should not follow blindly. As most of them have become obsolete in today’s world and do not make much sense. So here we go:

*Don’t prepare for your next job, prepare for the one after that.*

Well the flaw is obvious, the person who is giving you this advice doesn’t know a shit about jobs and stuff. Let’s say you start preparing for your boss’ boss’ job. You will realize you land nowhere because the way they work now will become obsolete 5-10 years down the line. You see the world is not going to be the same as it is today and now.

*You need to project confident and be competent to be successful.*

That ship sailed a long time back. Had it been 1960s then it would have been enough but now being competent doesn’t even pay you nice. So being fiercely good at it or else set yourself for an inevitable failure. That’s a dangerous—and to be blunt, a stupid—advice.

*Do what you love the money will follow.*

Well you might disagree but doing what you love will bring happiness, peace and satisfaction. But it can not guarantee you money. People will come up to you with some example who did what they love and are rich today. But how many are there? However, ask anyone who work what he loves, he will be happy and satisfied which many rich are not. And everyone who is rich did not become rich working on what he loves.

*You need to get corporate experience before you start your own.*

This one I personally hate the most. Why? Look around so many startups today are coming out of colleges, from student who never got any corporate experience anywhere and all of these new ventures are doing just good. This is not like older times that you need to see everything before you could even start. So this piece of advice is really archaic.

And Lastly, Have faith in what you believe and do not follow advice given by someone because he made it good in life. Times were different for them and are different for you. Be prudent and wise, think critically on any goddamn advice you get from anyone. Cheers!!

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