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Aloknath’s Sanskaari Rap

Your facebook wall and twitter homwpage was flooded with #aloknath memes and I bet everyone enjoyed them thoroughly. Some of them were really hilarious like:

Here are some more…

But our BABUJI also knew his popularity is growing. Below you will see a Rap featuring #Aloknath and his #Sanskaar.

Now when we know that you can’t get anywhere without Ashirwaad, so  go ahead and see Babuji blessing everyone with ashirwad:

Now what’s next Babuji??

Facebook Ads seems to be of no use

Facebook has grown as the biggest thing of last decade and it has a billion users which makes it very likable for marketing of products or services or anything. And it won’t be wrong to say that it is famous among people and businesses. People make fb page for their business then invite people to like it and their ideas start to reach to a greater audience.

Happy story, right? Not so much. Bad things start happening when one starts promoting their business with Promote page options, something like this:

Now you start getting likes like crazies and you get them from places and age group in which you promoted it. It is all good except that this leads to a problem that these likes do not seem genuine. Pages even though they are promoted receive same amount of traffic and popularity as they had earlier although their page has 10K likes. Doesn’t sound alright? But it is the truth, that most of these likes are not genuine. They can lead you no where.

For basics click on the profiles you will see their personal information is fishy and not so trustworthy. They like too many pages, even their friends are weird and no matter how deep you dig you can’t find anything about these guys to feel good. Even though you report the guys and their profiles are deleted the number of likes remain the same on your page.

This guy, Veritasium’s creator, Derek Muller, explains in video below what his story:

So are these bots? Well maybe. But if answer is yes then why pay facebook so much to get likes? Do people using such tools not know about it?  The answer is going to sound really stupid but YES People know that the traffic remains almost same, at least one who understand fb do.So why do this? Well it sounds and looks great if you have huge number of likes on your page. This increases your likability among new users who see your page.

Whatever your reasons maybe, think enough and ensure you are making right choice. Marketing of your product is necessary but you got to understand if the people who you will be targeting through this media will be real people or the bots.

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When you hear these advice, think at least twice.

Well here we are about to discuss some Career Advice which, if you get from anyone, should not follow blindly. As most of them have become obsolete in today’s world and do not make much sense. So here we go:

*Don’t prepare for your next job, prepare for the one after that.*

Well the flaw is obvious, the person who is giving you this advice doesn’t know a shit about jobs and stuff. Let’s say you start preparing for your boss’ boss’ job. You will realize you land nowhere because the way they work now will become obsolete 5-10 years down the line. You see the world is not going to be the same as it is today and now.

*You need to project confident and be competent to be successful.*

That ship sailed a long time back. Had it been 1960s then it would have been enough but now being competent doesn’t even pay you nice. So being fiercely good at it or else set yourself for an inevitable failure. That’s a dangerous—and to be blunt, a stupid—advice.

*Do what you love the money will follow.*

Well you might disagree but doing what you love will bring happiness, peace and satisfaction. But it can not guarantee you money. People will come up to you with some example who did what they love and are rich today. But how many are there? However, ask anyone who work what he loves, he will be happy and satisfied which many rich are not. And everyone who is rich did not become rich working on what he loves.

*You need to get corporate experience before you start your own.*

This one I personally hate the most. Why? Look around so many startups today are coming out of colleges, from student who never got any corporate experience anywhere and all of these new ventures are doing just good. This is not like older times that you need to see everything before you could even start. So this piece of advice is really archaic.

And Lastly, Have faith in what you believe and do not follow advice given by someone because he made it good in life. Times were different for them and are different for you. Be prudent and wise, think critically on any goddamn advice you get from anyone. Cheers!!

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Yet another excuse for failure: label IITs and IIMs System of Exclusion?

Satya Nadela becomes CEO of Microsoft and all Indians lose their minds. I do not understand why all of a sudden people have started finding mistakes in IIT and IIM. Why people have started calling them Filtering Systems instead of producers of Intellectual capital. What is their fault in it?

I understand that people getting to high positions in several organizations are Indians and many of them might not even be from IITs or IIMs but why start calling them filtering system all of a sudden? They still are most prestigious colleges of India without any doubt where any student dream to land on. People prepared/prepare so hard to get there.

Those who qualify are generally of very high caliber and they achieve in life. I am not saying others do not. But look at the lists of startups coming out of these colleges and others. And the startups formed provide jobs to 100s further not just to a CEO. Best example is of Naukri.com by Infoedge(IIM).


Startups by IITians

I am very happy about Mr. Nadela to reach position of pioneer ofSoftware company. That is his achievement. Also the India is not at all responsible for he becoming the CEO, rather he is there because he left India and the orthodox thinking we have here. Instead of saying that he achieve we have already started talking shit about most prestigious colleges of India. We are so busy finding fault that we never get to focus on success and growth.

I am fed up of the way people think and they start blurting out any shit which comes to their head. You could not get in IITs/IIMs, you never tried to work for your passion, never dared to take a risk, never even thought of going to US/UK to study further, yet when it comes to finding excuses for you failure you start calling IITs/IIMs a fitering criteria.


These people when go outside their mind opens, their fear of risks mitigates. Their grow a pair of balls again for taking risk and this only lead to their success.

But the guys from these great colleges already know what they are capable of, so they are not afraid of trying new stuff and hence they succeed.

And lemme say something very bluntly you are going to fail to have a great career, if you do not give up your fears. You can’t live in fear and keep avoiding risks, yet expect to be filthy rich. Go out!! Explore!!

Communal Media

It’s not like what media says that Muslims in Gujrat are treated with negative feelings.

It is not like other communities do not talk or deal in business with them,like what media says. In fact muslims there get equal opportunity like any other religion.

Please stop treating Muslim brothers as a way to polarize votes and a source for the dirty politics. They are as human as any other Community. So stop treating them as aliens in a nation which is home to all religion.

The Racist and Unlawful Law Minister: A disgrace

Racism by definition means, “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races”. Indians have always criticized other countries for their racial behavior towards us. We say racism in any form is not acceptable and yes that stands true, any day.

Now there happened an incident of which I am very ashamed. A minister of Delhi that too of law, attempted raid on African nationals in Khidki village. These Ugandan and Nigerian women were allegedly dealing in Prostitution and drug use. Which are against law, so kudos to our minister for his act.

But what happened next was shameful, He(Law Minister) demanded police conduct medical tests on foreign nationals and even search a house, without a warrant, which some locals believed was a den of vice. He rebuked a police officer for refusing to act without following due process. Later it was reported that there was no intoxicant use. The tests ruled out consumption of any psychotropic substances.

On Friday morning, the women approached the police with separate complaints against unnamed AAP volunteers and sought police protection. The victims (foreign women) alleged that they were beaten by the men and were made urinate in front of public. If they needed urine sample for test it could have been done in a li’l private or at least in presence of women police only and not in front of whole audience. They disgraced the Gender their Party promised protection and security before coming in Political Power and forming Government.

I understand that these women might have been involved in some unlawful activities but that does not allow inhuman behavior towards them. Two negatives does not always make a positive.

There was a Gang Rape in our CM’s legislative election area and now one of his cabinet minister doing this, was this the same party we wanted so badly to come in power? Are they fulfilling their purpose?

Moreover, what is really bugging is Mr. CM coming to National Television and saying their party is not Racist and no one should be embarrassed for our law minister’s UNLAWFUL and INHUMAN act. Well I half agree Sir, that making raid is absolutely fine but rest I sincerely doubt.

And also if anyone wants to search the place where you live Mr. CM, be it your Minister or President of the Nation you love, I do not think you will allow considering the person you are. [Rudeness Intended]

I am ashamed that at any point I supported you or your party, Mr. CM. #QuitAAP

AAP condemned for racist action
Xenophobia, Racism and Vigilantism – Danger Signals for AAP
AAP is not racist, says Kejriwal

AAP: Betrayal! Allegations! Reality!

Yesterday, 16-01-2014, was quite an odd day for Delhi. Well in the terms of politics. Two important events happened:
·        Mr. Binny raising allegations on AAP
·        AAP rejecting all the allegations raised by Mr. Binny

For the first event people started saying that this happened because Mr. Binny is pissed off about not getting a position in Delhi’s govt, which is kind of true. But let’s take a look at some of the allegations which others (People) are concerned about too.

He said, “You (Mr. Kejriwal) have done a lot of agitation against the Congress and the BJP. Now you have to explain and show the people how your thought is different from theirs.” Now this one really bugs me as well, before coming to power Mr. Kejriwal used to say that he has a bag full of proofs against Ms. Sheila, Robert Vadra and many more. And now he is CM of Delhi, yet he says nothing. Why?

“There is a difference between what AAP says and does. Whatever AAP promised is not what they are implementing,” Now see I understand some will say that AAP gave 20000L water after coming in power and cut down electricity rates, but wait the way they are giving 20000L water is not how they promised in their manifesto or is it? I am talking about policy not quantity. “I appeal to the media to conduct a referendum and find out what people have to say about power and water. As against what we promised, none of the power bills have been waived off. We never said in any of our meetings that anybody using more than 700 liters will pay for entire consumption. This was introduced in the manifesto, but it hardly reaches 2% of the people.”

And as far as electricity is concerned they are giving subsidy and that too for a limited period. Why subsidy and why for a limited period, which is strategically given out to have a termination date around post election. It is just a doubt and I need to know, why?

Again everyone wants to know for everything that Ms. Sheila’s government did you used to say they are wasting Junta’s (People’s) hard earned money but Mr. Kejriwal, you are also giving subsidy from money that belongs to state and was earned by last government. You keep asking time for starting probe in corruption cases in CWG and others but you did not ask any to make strategy for reducing rates instead in no time you went for subsidy. Why?

Another question raised by Mr. Binny was “Kejriwal promised janlokpal within 15 days of coming to power. What happened to it? AAP had also promised a commando force for women’s safety. It has not even been initiated.” Now all of us are eagerly waiting for CM and other ministers to come under purview of an authority as strong as Lokpal and you, Mr. Kejriwal, too were of the same view what changed and how? By the way it has gone beyond 15 days since AAP came to power. Well you said what not about rapes that happen in the country but this time a Gang Rape happened in your own constituency and yet we are waiting to see your “promised commando force for women’s safety”.

After first event, AAP’s Mr. Yogendra Yadav came out and rejected all the allegations; called him BJP’s puppet and said disciplinary action would be initiated against him.

Dear Yogendra Yadav, you say probe against corrupt minister will happen only when you find enough proof; had it been pre-election time your Party Head would have gone to Anshan for any of these things and here we have someone speaking against AAP and a quick action shall be taken against him. What a piece of Justice, Sir!!

I have some other concerns since they are thinking of taking Loksabha elections. What is AAP’s take on border security, budget deficit? What is their take on AFSPA? How do they want to deal with current state of reservation? What is their economic strategy in times where GDP is going down? But I do not think even they know the answers.

People had high hopes in AAP but now it seems it all was a big troll. It was just a way to keep people thinking that change is coming to political system; to keep them busy with 20000L water and electricity cost debates so they do not talk about issues like Corruption, Rapes, Development and other important aspects.

Mr. Kejriwal doing protests, being radical is one thing and running a government and keeping promises once you get there is another or is it all about just being on camera.



AAP: Hues and Cry! Blames! Distrust! and Disgust!

India is a democracy and this so-called fact has been abused so much that it’s magnitude is unimaginable. In a democracy everyone has a right to say what one wants and this has led to a Politics of accusations, blames and condemnation of others. Congress says it’s BJP’s fault that country is facing so many challenges and BJP blames it on Congress.

People got fed up of this sort of disgust, so they looked up to a new alternative AAP. They came as a revolution with promises to eradicate corruption, make Aam Aadmi’s (Common Man’s) life easier and serve the nation for a better future. But look what they are turning into, Mr. Kejriwal is seeking Modi and Rahul’s views.

Kejriwal dodges question on AAP’s stand, seeks Modi & Rahul’s views – Video | The Times of India

I am fine with Modi but Rahul Gandhi, now that is some low Mr. Arvind has hit. But that is not the disgusting part, the saddening thing is they are doing what rest of the political parties had been doing in the past. Have we learnt nothing in all these 66 years. Is it all about getting your Party in power? Is there nothing like some respect to an individual’s credentials?

Mr. Kejriwal you are an IITian, an ex Asst. Commissioner and now CM of a state yet you have not proved yourself as an administrative leader. Mr Modi has been proving himself as a strong administrator and a proficient leader for last 13 years since 2001. In July 2007, he became the longest-serving Chief Minister in Gujarat’s history when he had been in power for 2,063 days continuously.

I understand you just asked for his views but with this you start o involve yourself in the same genre of politicians which has been maligning this area since Independence. People have high hopes from you Sir and no one (who supports you or speak against you) wants you to let them down.