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People who ought to be dead

1~ Those up loader people, who upload/update/share all the shit on facebook. The very first thing that occurs to them is it should be on facebook. Suckers the social network was created for people to socialize and not showing how shitty you can get. I don’t care what you do in your mean time just, stop sending your meaningless stupid updates for no freaking reason.

2~ The lame First Name-Last Name Photography people. First of all, buying a DSLR makes you owner of one and not a photographer. I do not like your picture and I do not want to like your page either. You neither have technique nor the eye for photography. You better go read, then experiment and understand what it means, maybe then probably(very little chance) it will be appreciated.

3~ The so called atheists. I have no idea whatsoever that why is it so cool to say I do not believe in God, I am an atheist. Well cool you are and I believe but why do you have to impose atheism on anyone and everyone. Atheism means “The theory or belief that God does not exist”, atheism just like theism is a belief so please respect others belief as well.

4~ Pseudo-guitar players. Just when you thought Shah-rukh was the dumbest thing you’d ever seen playing guitar in the song Challa without knowing how to … Yes, some idiot decides to give SRK a break. And just to get into the whole cool-metal culture, they’ll wear Metallica ‘tees’ and tell every one that Pink Floyd is their favorite band, though they would never have listened to more than 2 songs by Pink floyd.

5~ These super smart phone guys. I use a galaxy S4, we can whatsapp, Line, wechat. That is the best reason to buy a phone with roughly the same cost as a motorbike. Well an honest suggestion, Go get a life!! You utterly need it. All they can think of when they are not using any free messaging apps is to play temple run. Guys, if wasting time was the goal you wasted quite a lot of money for no reason.

6~ These request sender guys. I just crossed XXX level in some non-sense game join me. Well what if I do not like to play game or what if I want to play different game(if you know what i mean). Stop bugging me I have no interest in your lame ass thing I am better off to nothing than this.

7~ The Speakers of Congress, Manish Tewari, Rahul “buddhu” baba, Master of crap Digvijay Singh and son-of-a-gun Kapil Sibbal . Seriously these people either need to get some standards or they are better off dead. I can’t tolerate the non-sense that come out of those ugly mouth and then their aspiration of making Rahul Baba PM of the country is just astounding. The guy who can’t handle a CII speech will handle a country of more than a billion people is my biggest nightmare.