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Toffee Model! Seriously!! You got nothing better Rahul Gandhi

Recently Rahul gandhi called Gujrat a #toffeemodel, really Mr. gandhi or shall I say Master Gandhi looking at the maturity of your brain. No one in this country respect you  and you have earned. What is  your dire need to prove your stupidity every time you speak. To be honest so far this seems to be you Model for India.


Go and try to find out that your government has given Gujrat quite a many award, even UN has and one day you call it Toffee Model. Well call whatever you want but Toffee!! Seriously master Gandhi, why not lollipop.

You open your mouth and lower the IQ of a whole nation. I am sure Modi aptly said “He is a child at heart because if he was mature he would have known that over 300 models of the Gujarat government has won toffees (trophies) from the United Nations and the Indian government”. 


On one hand congress gave a robot of a current PM and on another they are projecting one whose age is greater than his IQ. You leave me astonished every single instance you speak with your legend thoughts like “Poverty is a state of mind” like “Jupiter’s escape velocity”. Why don’t you, along with your Momma, Mannu Ji and DOGGYvijay, try to escape earth on that velocity? That will be something good that came out Congress in last 10 years.

The Age of Internet: Hashtag, Online Activism and Trolling

“Sure, hashtags come and go, and the so-called weak ties of digital movements are no match for real world engagement. But they are not only better than nothing, they probably make the world, the one beyond the keyboard, a better place.” —Writer David Carr forThe NewYork Times, March 25, 2012

We live in The Internet Age so we can not neglect the power of Internet Activism or Online Activism. It has become a way to share and promote a cause, expose corruption, share sentiments and rage against discrimination, corruption, heinous crimes like rape. Internet has become a tool to fight against sexism, injustice, rapes, homophobia, rights and much more than what people think.

Social Networks have provided people with free content, an audience and a platform to present their thoughts. The popularity of Social Networks specially twitter has given birth to a phenomenon known as “hashtag activism”, where a hashtag focusing on a specific cause is amplified and trended. It is becoming a phenomenon on facebook as well with facebook featuring “TRENDING” in the top-right corner.

Hashtags are a great way to start an activism. It’s not long back when Chris Messina created them. They come in handy and create a deeper impact. Their popularity by reuse becomes so high that they become more of a rage. That is the beauty of hashtags, they create virality in the content, they get VIRAL.

Speaking from a political POV #KejriDiwas,  #PappuDiwas#Modiyapa are some of the top trending hashtags. They are ways of speaking for or against one electoral candidate of the other. They help commoners raise voice against an injustice or a crime or a sick govt policy. For say people in last few months have been tweeting against . Which shows anger in public towards a govt ideology.

THERE IS SOMETHING IN COMEDY KNOWN AS THE “COMEDIC SIN.” It doesn’t take more than a minute to post something stupid on internet and its getting viral. It is not that hashtags are always used for activism, they have been used so many times to make fun or troll a celebrity or politican or an activist. In last few month same happened with Aloknath then we saw Kejriwal falling victim to hashtag . And the recent victim is Yami Gautam.

It is just a matter of fact that what way Hashtags are being used for. It is great to see that they are used to raise awareness, show sentiments, criticize a decision or raise voice against something wrong happening somewhere. But it is not funny when people start trolling a person for something as rubbish as being a fair-skinned girl. So be smart while using the hashtags next time against someone, think how will you like it when done to you.