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Why Indian comedians are going to miss Congress?

With elections right on the door and seeing a week congress and stupid Rahul Gandhi #RaGa leading them, Indian comedians are getting sadder about how they will create jokes about UPA Govt.

A lot of them created a good career joking about Congress, Sonia, Rahul and Manmohan. Where will they find new jokers like them. This hilarious video by All India Bakchod captures this theme  perfectly.

Watch it and subscribe to their channel on youtube: All India Bakchod.

You will laugh like crazies when you see AIB humoring bollywood – way too awesome

Now that’s called one hell of a stand up act.

All India Backchod, a youtube channel, taking on bollywood and the stupidity that is served to people in the name of entertainment. I mean I do not say that they are not entertaining but most of the flicks made in a calender year are stupid, plain non-sense.

I had a ROFL, I am sure you will get one too.


NAYAK 2: A hilarious spoof by All India Bakchod

Nayak 2 a gag by All India Bakchod channel on Youtube. It is amazing and hilarious. It features Aloknath, Kejriwal and Delhi Govt. Keep moving along AIB. Our Babu Ji guiding Kejru with his #Sanskaar.

If you  like it subscribe their channel AIB on Youtube