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Worst Prime Ministers of India

Not Nehru
Nehru was a leader recognized in world politics which made him a choice for being PM. I have read about his affairs but that doesn’t challenge his leadership capabilities. The only thing he did wrong was underestimating China and playing fool there but he was confident of US and USSR backing him there so he played that strategically but it backfired.

Yes Indira
Now coming to the PM who did most damage to the country, Indira Gandhi stands out as an obvious answer. She was an example of anarchist to the core.

A recap of all the wrong she did back then:-

1) Winning election by fraud and when found guilty she declared emergency and put everyone in jail who spoke against her.

2) Bluestar operation, first creating a terrorist and then doing something so reckless which alienated a community.

3) Indira closed the economy of India, had she made the right choice then this country would have been a different place altogether.

4) She pushed country back to where Nehru Ji left and Shashtri Ji picked it by a closed economic approach, Favoritism and her best punch Emergency.

Relationship with Pak were already bitter and she did not do any good
by fighting 1971 war though I am not totally against her helping create Bangladesh but that was done in not the best strategic fashion. In fact she did it successfully but at the cost of a lifetime of animosity from a neighboring country. Also now Bangladeshi terrorism is catching up at a good speed.

No doubt she was ballsy but she was a bad leader because she had no convictions, she could not handle a crisis and she could not deal with critics. More importantly, she lacked the ability to build a team of talented people in the party and in the government. She wanted trusted lieutenants and she had plenty of them around.

Yes Manmohan
Manmohan Singh can be called another obvious choice for a bad PM because he did nothing except all the effort he put in saving one of the most corrupt family of India.

1) He was Prime Minister and there was corruption going on in ministry directly under him and he kept his eyes closed.

2) He took no action except speaking occasionally agaisnst Pak’s ceasefire, murder of soldiers, terrorist attacks.

3) He was(and is) a sharp and shrewd economist and his best answer to rising inflation, rate of fuels and commdoities was “Coalition government has its own challenges”.

He never even tried to motivate people like a leader. He was merely put there as an honest face to win election for his clean image which worked well in 2009. He was a terrible and a spineless leader.

Kaisey Jiyun: The One song you got to listen to

I have already posted a few times about The Local Train and I am not going to repeat the fact that how awesome these guys are or how soothing their music is. They restore my faith in Hindi Music. And I strongly recommend their music to everyone. But keep in mind they are addictive.

This time yet again they have come up with a beautiful song Kaisey Jiyun. And I am going to say that this is one song that you must listen. It is amazingly written and beautifully sung by Raman Negi who is frontman of the band. Just listen to this song to know why music can get addictive.

I am sure you are going to like it and go on to subscribe their Channel on YouTube for more updates. Here is the link:

You can find these folks on Facebook and Twitter as well.

From the pen Keyboard of a Fan.

Leave Shweta Basu Prasad alone or get the bastard who was also involved

This is a little delayed now, I was thinking of writing it since the time I heard of the news about Shweta Basu Prasad being involved in prostitution. I read about it and my first reaction was “What the fuck is this” some actress turned prostitute? Then I searched some more to find that she worked in some serials when she was a kid and every article said that she was very talented, she must have been that all the media is calling her talented.

As far as my reaction is concerned, it was because of the judgmental nature of the society we live in. For the first she is just not another child actor, she was a national award winner, do you know what does a national award means? She won it for a film called Makdee(of which you might not have heard) and when I found that she was Chunni of Makdee I knew who she was and how talented she is as I have watched that movie. Don’t remember yet Iqbal’s sister in movie Iqbal. Remember now?

Well indeed she turned to prostitution and she accepted it, but what is being neglected is that she was not alone in the act THERE WAS SOMEONE ELSE TOO because it is prostitution if someone pays you for sexual favors.

Secondly, it is important to understand why a National Award winner turned to prostitution, isn’t it? She admitted that she is involved well atleast the reports say so. But why not bring the others who were involved too? And why everyone is so focused in saying that she did something which maligns our culture? Is it that being a prostitute is wrong but sleeping with them is just fine? How do people decide who has higher moral ground here?

I am not a feminist, you don’t need to be feminist to see that Salman Khan running over a car on sleeping people while drunk is fine but some actor doing that is not. I do not know what are the reasons that the businessman/ high profile actor/ whoever-the-fuck-big-guy was involved whose name shall never be spoken but it is evident that something is fucked up in people’s head. They just can’t think straight. I do not understand how people can think that a few murders are fine but prostitution is a unforgivable sin.

Also when they do not know why in first place she did that? That is what a pathetic mentality the society has. Fuck the other rich guy involved or leave Shweta alone.

A governor sacked in India and believe me that is a big news

It indeed is a big news because how often do you see governors being sacked because they had corruption allegations against them or how many times you see govt taking action on that front. But this time amazingly it did and I kinda like it!!

See I do not hate politicians or bureaucrats or administrators or anyone, but for some good reasons I am loving the fact that Ms. Kamala Beniwal has been sacked (from post of Mizoram Governor) for gross misuse of Gujarat Governor’s office during her tenure from 2009 to 2014.

Why is that so? For various reasons but primarily, she is sacked for all the good reasons. Police found her involvement in various cases ranging from corruption to misuse of power. And these corruption charges are not minor ones they involve, for example, she made some shocking exaggerations to claim prime agricultural land. Well you can all it use of power more than misuse but sadly it is crime against law. Well we all have to agree laws and lawmakers are kinda assholes.

Moving on, major charges against Ms. Kamala Beniwal are:

The main charge against Ms Beniwal involves a land scam in Rajasthan, sources say. She is accused of claiming cheap land after falsely stating in an affidavit in 2012 that she had tilled the land for 14 to 16 hours a day for 50 years, though in that time she had been Rajasthan minister and governor.

The other allegation is that the 87-year-old spent just one day in Mizoram, where she was posted a month ago, and mostly stayed in Rajasthan, her home state.

The third charge is that Ms Beniwal frequently used the state aircraft in Gujarat, where she was governor till July. She reportedly took the nine-seat Beechcraft 53 times to fly to Jaipur.

Again they do sound like good use of power vested in you but are actually offence against law. Probably finally some steps are being taken to restore faith of people in institution of government and judicial system and majorly LAW but the road is still rocky and not easy and most importantly very long. Lets see how far they reach!!

MODIfied Nepal: India-Nepal promising ties for good of both Nation

Modi visited Nepal, addressed Nepal’s parliament went to Pashupati temple. All these things tell a few characteristics of a Man he is. He is focusing on building strong ties and win trust of our neighbors. He assured Nepal of India not interfering in their internal affairs and also wanted to have great ties and support on Indo-Nepal Border. 

Nepal is a place with great natural resources, the solution to their problems lies with them. All Modi is doing is to help them use those for their betterment. Nepal has the highest peak on Earth, the mighty Himalayas, fast flowing rivers, Natural vegetation, is historically and culturally rich, has religious importance as well, and all of the above can be endorsed to make it a great tourist destination. 

Also we need to understand his stand on development of border as bridge and lending a helping hand in developing the export of herbal medicines. He has promised another billion dollars for the development of Nepal.

One noticable incident is his pooja at Pashupatinath Temple. He is a man of strong religious and spiritual belief. And he is strong with his stand when it comes to his beliefs. He did not try to monetize this event in any sort of people pleasing event, but people in Nepal too were “Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi”. That is Aura of a true leader. 

India Is emerged as a leader in BRICS, Bhutan and now is rising in Nepal. It brings a lot of diplomatic leverage to the nation. And we all have to agree in order to rise we have to take our allies along with us. The hope is together SAARC nations should wage a war against common enemy poverty, terrorism and help each other in bringing peace.

Live Long and Prosper… \\//

Go Kabaddi, Pro Kabaddi!!

I have started watching PRO KABADDI on Star Gold these days and I have to say this is one of the most amazing thing done. Firstly because it is a great sport to watch, secondly it promotes an Indian sport that was falling behind by a hell lot and third and most important for the sheer thrill of a match of Kabaddi.

It gets more and more interesting with each and every minute passing by.  The thrill and the way game turns every minute with every raid is inexplicable. The game is of 40 minutes with half time at 20.  They have got some new rules which makes it more interesting like a raider can’t make 3 empty raids, in case he does he will be out for a while.

The team name and their owners are as below:

Team Name City Owner
Bengal Warriors Kolkata Kishore Biyani Future Group
Bengaluru Bulls Bengaluru Kosmik Global Media
Dabang Delhi Delhi Radha Kapoor DO IT Sports Management
Jaipur Pink Panthers Jaipur Abhishek Bachchan
Patna Pirates Patna Rajesh Shah
Puneri Paltan Pune Sumanlal Shah Insurekot Sports
Telugu Titans Vizag Veera Sports
U Mumba Mumbai Ronnie Screwvala Unilazer Sports

I watched two games today, Pune Vs Bengaluru and Delhi Vs Vizag. Pune and Delhi both were underdogs today and they both ended up winning the match. How is that? Well they played really well and their competitors lost by a very minute difference, know more here: ProKabaddi

Interestingly they promoted the event well and that also got people’s attention and the result is there on Star Gold at 7:45 pm. It is a li’l disheartening though that this league is not getting as much attention in Media as it should but it is a remarkable start nonetheless.

Watch the promotion:

Also I would want to congratulate all the people involved in bringing this cool sport on National TV. So for the first time a sport other than Cricket will be noticed by people of the country. And importantly the some great Kabaddi players who were earlier non-existent will be known to Indians.

Go Kabaddi, ProKabaddi!!

MyGov is the platform you were asking to help India grow, now Join it

Crowdsourcing ideas that would improve governance is a great idea, ain’t it? So in a country where everyone wants to participate in discussions on governance and everyone has an idea to improve social, political and economical growth of the country, a platform to facilitate that will be something people will love more than anything. And guess what Indian Government has launched something on the very similar lines. PM Narendra Modi on Saturday launched Mygov, an interactive website that seeks to foster participatory governance.

It is a great initiative. Of course it would have been better to have something a lot earlier but it is better late than never. There are so many people who want to contribute towards nation-building, and devote their time and energy. The only thing they required was an opportunity to shine and showcase their contribution. Now outlook of this website is good and it has two threads Discuss and Do. 



Now you can chip in your ideas for a better nation, on how things can be improved, how problems faced by nation can be resolved. The ideas presented will be taken further by discussion forums and worked upon based on their feasibility. You can participate in the work to be done or being done. Citizens can volunteer for various tasks and submit their entries. These tasks would then be reviewed by other members and experts. Approved task would earn credit points for completing the task. 

So all the folks who have been saying all they need is an opportunity, here is the platform. Now it is up to people to make this project a success or failure, I would want to see this as a success from Government of India to introduce more transparency. I expect people to differ from my views though I would request everyone to signup, it doesn’t take more than a minute and do whatever you can, discuss, raise concerns, chip in your ideas or help other ideas flourish. 

Do all you can because this time it is one platform you have been asking and now you have got. No further excuses please. Try to make it a success before condemning and start complaining about it. 


Plight of Indian Cinema: Good cinema is probably a myth

I have a back pain so I thought of staying home this weekend literally HOME except only time I went to see my doctor. So I switched on the TV and thought will watch a couple of flicks playing on TV.

Now first movie that was playing in the noon was Rowdy Rathore which btw is a hilarious watch. I mean nothing in that movie will make you wonder if that is possible or not as nothing is practically or scientifically possible. And on a side note this movie made 100 Crore in the year of its release.  Just have a look of the poster of the movie:

The movie shows how even bad guys thieves get good, educated girls. The movie also educate us about how Akshay Kumar manage to fight 40 men alone. The question that hit me hard was “Are the claims of poverty in India all false or what”? Coz if people were aware of poverty they won’t waste their hard earned money on something like Rowdy Rathore.

But again that was just the start, next in line was Youngistaan which has an amazing and unbelievable(literally) story. Oh yes!! a stupid one as well. Here because PM of India dies so the political advisory of Ruling party advised to appoint the only son of former PM as current PM. Brilliant!! Just Brilliant!!

Our guy the new PM has no relation with Politics, even his girlfriend asks if he is qualified enough for the position and also HE DOESN’T WANT TO BE PM. Bloody hell!! How did they make him PM? What is it a documentary on Rahul Gandhi? I mean he doesn’t do anything. All the while I thought now he will create some policy or act like PM but hell he does not and the movie’s end comes in no time. Indeed it is story of Gandhi family.

I was yet not disappointed enough. It is night already and they are playing Jai Ho and Yaariyan on some channels. Now Yaariyan is so concerned about animals and their safety that in a scene in order to save a cat the actor does a stunt where he crawls down on tower top wall and saves the cat, I don’t understand how the fuck did cat get there in first place if reaching to that spot is impossible. LOGIC Suckers!!

Then they reach Austrailia where our hero sees a firangi and thinks of her as his soul mate, then they do a rock show in Hindi to which all foreigners are grooving and singing along. Hindi is so mainstream there days even in Austrailia although Indians are rejecting it. BTW they lose the competition coz they are Indian, how is that? Racism prolly!!

Protagnist Lakshya’s lakshya in life is to find a ‘hot si, sexy si’ girlfriend, who is a ’36-24-36′ so he can kiss her in public and show her off. And that is not sexist or against women. The film is truly on DeshBhakti and shit, primarily SHIT.

So I switched on to Jai Ho, which is a Salman movie so it is not good or bad, it is Salman’s movie where they are selling an idea of “Helping 3 persons in place of saying Thank You” and people are reluctant to help and he roars like a lion[as loud as that] and says the guy has a good face, he can be a good CM and helps everyone selflessly and beats the shit out of 100 armed goons bloody alone. There is so much going on in just one movie no wonder it made 100 Crore. Also it was without any doubt a milestone in Indian Cinema though it did not make any sense.


I do not understand what happened to the concept of Mass Media which is supposed to educate people through visual message. I still remember India produced movies like Boot Polish, Salaam Bombay!, Saraansh, Anand, Zakhm, Bombay, Bheja fry, Swadeshm Gangs of wasseypur. Ooops I forgot they are not entertaining to the falling IQ of the country’s youth. It would probably fry their brain to watch something logical or may even blind them for indefinite time.

Though I am watching the movies but my soul is crying WHAT THE FUCK!! WHAT THE FUCK!!

Did you listen to #AaogeTumKabhi? If not then go ahead and do it right now

So do you believe in good music or #MusicThatDontMatch? I know it is real tough to believe these days but some dudes are trying real hard to do that for you. Listen to this new track by The Local Train, Aaoge Tum Kabhi. It is beautifully composed and amazingly written.

Here is the link to absolute awesomeness for 4 min 25 sec:

It is the official video of the song released by the band. And guess what, in just three(3) days it has already got over 12k views.

The Local Train is a Delhi based band and their last track Chhoo Lo was their success key.  It has over 150K views on youtube and these guys are identified by this view. So just go ahead and make believe in good music.

They are launching the album pretty soon and The Local Train, you guys got my best. Your album is going to be sold out in no time post release. Thanks for such amazing music!! #MusicThatDontMatch