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Modi Wave and Country’s best interests are tied together

General Elections are going to happen in just a matter of month and politicians everywhere are trying real hard to score as many votes as possible. Well this is the only time they get to do some work. But what amazes me is the way people are developing interest in politics. Well it amazes me because till last year Election day used to be a holiday to relax for youth.

Everyone is saying there is a Modi Wave and I would not deny. People are connecting with him because they have seen him as an administrator, someone who got a state on the path of development. A state which has 24 Hour electricity, best roads and Water problems are being answered. So it is not really shocking if people see the next PM in him. And it is not shocking as well if rupee starts doing good seeing Modi as next PM:


What really changed this time? People understood that their interest is same as country’s, so in case of India and Indians, if country is on right track Indians will certainly have a great future. The way economy is going down, Currency is falling, GDP is shrinking, growth rate is falling and a rising Inflation, people can’t see much to their future and hence the deep connection with Politics develops.

It is necessary for people to vote, if they want democracy to function for growth and prosperity because it is people because of whom Bad Politicians get to power and then sufferings begin. If someone is not able to do Grade 7 mathematics how do you expect them to run a country.

People know that their interest lies in Country’s best interest. So Please vote and Vote wisely because this time you will be choosing for the Nation! Vote for Change!!

The Racist and Unlawful Law Minister: A disgrace

Racism by definition means, “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races”. Indians have always criticized other countries for their racial behavior towards us. We say racism in any form is not acceptable and yes that stands true, any day.

Now there happened an incident of which I am very ashamed. A minister of Delhi that too of law, attempted raid on African nationals in Khidki village. These Ugandan and Nigerian women were allegedly dealing in Prostitution and drug use. Which are against law, so kudos to our minister for his act.

But what happened next was shameful, He(Law Minister) demanded police conduct medical tests on foreign nationals and even search a house, without a warrant, which some locals believed was a den of vice. He rebuked a police officer for refusing to act without following due process. Later it was reported that there was no intoxicant use. The tests ruled out consumption of any psychotropic substances.

On Friday morning, the women approached the police with separate complaints against unnamed AAP volunteers and sought police protection. The victims (foreign women) alleged that they were beaten by the men and were made urinate in front of public. If they needed urine sample for test it could have been done in a li’l private or at least in presence of women police only and not in front of whole audience. They disgraced the Gender their Party promised protection and security before coming in Political Power and forming Government.

I understand that these women might have been involved in some unlawful activities but that does not allow inhuman behavior towards them. Two negatives does not always make a positive.

There was a Gang Rape in our CM’s legislative election area and now one of his cabinet minister doing this, was this the same party we wanted so badly to come in power? Are they fulfilling their purpose?

Moreover, what is really bugging is Mr. CM coming to National Television and saying their party is not Racist and no one should be embarrassed for our law minister’s UNLAWFUL and INHUMAN act. Well I half agree Sir, that making raid is absolutely fine but rest I sincerely doubt.

And also if anyone wants to search the place where you live Mr. CM, be it your Minister or President of the Nation you love, I do not think you will allow considering the person you are. [Rudeness Intended]

I am ashamed that at any point I supported you or your party, Mr. CM. #QuitAAP

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