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An innovation which can alleviate the pain of 8 million underprivileged Rickshaw pullers

There are few things which go unheard or less heard of this is one of those stories. There is a man Dr. Pradip Sarmah from Assam who did something which can change life of 8 million underprivileged rickshaw pullers. How?

Looking at the plight of rickshaw pullers in India he decided to start a bank which will support these people and help them to get their own rickshaw and get a better one too. He founded Rickshaw Bank, an NGO that provides micro-finance to Indian rickshaw drivers.

This is a great innovation and can help so many of the underprivileged than we can probably think of. So next time you feel bad for that poor Rickshaw-wala, just tell him about it.

Fin : Wearable Ring Make your Palm as Numeric Keypad and Gesture Interface

Technology is changing the world at a great speed. And we all know that it is technology which can shape the future. With the same vision there are some crazy innovators from India who are trying to build something which can make lives comfortable as never before, something which can make communicating easier, even for or physically challenged friends.

These guys are from WearFin who are bringing in this change. Watch this video and understand what they are trying to do and achieve and you will be amazed.

This is no Microsoft or Google thing, it is a tech being developed by youngs and can be called a game changer. Help them if you feel strongly about it.

Some credentials posted on their website: Fin is one of the Top 15 startups in the world at TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2014.